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Chase Coleman Talks About The New Enhance Token (ENH)

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Enhance Token (ENH) launched on SafeMoonSwap on January 25, 2022, and has since gained a huge amount of exposure. It has become one of the most talked about new tokens of 2022.

Since being launched, it has become the 4th highest traded token and the people behind the token expect that to increase, with the hopes it will become number one. In the first four days of the launch of the token over a million tokens were traded each day.

First of all, please introduce yourself:

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My name is Chase Coleman better known as SafeMoon Ace to the crypto community.  I am the CEO/CoFounder of Enhance Token, a project that earns you passive Safemoon Rewards as well as an entire eco system full of wonderful attributes on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Can you tell me who is Enhance Token?

Enhance Token consists of 5 members currently. Myself, Matthew Hudson, Rio McFarland, Zee Ahmed and Justin Gosselin. All leaders, All SafeMoon Die hards, and all passionate about Enhancing the defi space. When it comes to our team each member brings a different aspect, perspective and skill set to the team. It’s truly a blessing to have guys that mesh well together and are forward thinkers when it comes to the future of our project.


How did your company begin and why was it launched?

I originally brought the idea to this group of individuals because we all had a common denominator, we believed that SafeMoon was going to change the world. We believed enough that we decided to create the #1 SafeMoon Enhancement Squadron to ever exist and set out to be the biggest contributor to the safemoon community. This a project was launched, and we fought through hell and high water to get to where we are in just 6 short months.

You have just launched Enhance Token which has launched on SafeMoonSwap, and you have gained over 8,000 holders within the first 48 hours after launch, what do you put that success down to?

Oh, that’s easy. Not easy in the sense of difficulty level but easy in the form how to explain. The success came down to these things… Hard work, Dedication, Passion, Consistency and Validation from SafeMoon themselves wasn’t so bad either!

What is the difference between your token and the many others on the market?

This difference between Enhance Token and other tokens would be simply our heart and transparency. We are a doxxed team who continues to be in the faces of our community. They know that their voices will be heard, and they always have a safe and secure place to come to to learn when it comes to this beautiful journey of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

On January 26, 2022, Enhance sold 250 NFTs through the Enhanced Mask Raffle, can you tell me more about this?

Absolutely! It was an Unmasking Event that we did where there were 250 entries to a raffle and out of that 250, we decided to select one lucky winner to receive $25,000 USD! Any person was allowed unlimited entries and each entry also granted you a guaranteed Enhanced Ape from our massive upcoming NFT project. It is Bananas to say the least and you can find out more about that project on

You say the structure of the Enhance organization is designed to provide transparency and security for holders, can you explain?

Of course! First and foremost, all of our team is fully doxxed so you can see us and know who we are well before ever investing into our project. As far as security goes, we’ve made it very easy for our holders to know their investments are safe by listing the teams wallets as well as any and all blacklisted wallets publicly on our website. In case you aren’t familiar with i blacklisted wallet, which means that you cannot buy or sell Enhance from that wallet ever! You can only earn passive income of safemoon through our rewards system.

Where would you say your place is in the world of tokens now?

Our place?? We will be the token that proves that community is the core of it all and that unification will be the determining factor that allows the crypto space to grow and thrive as it marches towards the future. We will continue to prove that, and we will do so be leading from the front and giving the blueprint to other projects on how to lead by example as well.

And, what growth do you see for your company, and will you become one of the main players?

Exponential growth! Currently there is roughly only 4% of the global population actively trading cryptocurrency. That number alone is incredible. The amount of influence we are attracting organically through a simple movement of Spread Love Not FUD is infecting people with our positive vibes and our encouraging outlook on becoming something bigger will result in our project definitely becoming a major player in the near future.

Lastly, why should people come to you instead of your competition?

We do not have competition. We encourage diversification because we understand how early adoption can result in massive returns if you stay the course. Some projects will come and go but We will be here regardless. Through our current and future plans, we are creating a never-ending fuel supply that will continue to allow our project to thrive indefinitely. Plus, our project cares about its community and the communities surrounding it and the people within it know that. It brings me to a scripture that my mother reminds me to read often. That scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 and it says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” That is my plan and that is our mission.

For more information about the ENH project is available at their website

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