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AJS Environmental Announces Successful Deep Manhole Sealing in Industrial Park

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AJS Environmental, a professional provider of drainage repairs, maintenance, and bespoke solutions, today announced the successful completion of a significant deep manhole sealing project in a prominent industrial park, as demonstrated in a recently published case study.

The complex project, which involved resolving persistent infiltration in seven-meter-deep manholes, underscores AJS Environmental’s niche expertise in deep manhole sealing – a specialised field where few competitors venture due to the required skillset and equipment.

“Addressing deep manhole sealing presents a unique set of challenges,” said Samuel Barber of AJS Environmental. “The considerable depth adds a layer of complexity, while maintaining service continuity during repairs introduces further hurdles. However, with our specialised training, cutting-edge equipment, and dedication to excellent service, we successfully navigated these challenges to deliver a robust solution to our client.”

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The process began with an exhaustive manhole inspection across the site using state-of-the-art CCTV equipment, uniquely designed to function effectively at significant depths. After mapping out the extent of the damage, AJS Environmental’s skilled team developed an efficient plan of action tailored to the specific challenges of deep manhole repair and sealing.

Visible cracks were sealed, structural weak points reinforced, and a double seal manhole process was implemented for an added layer of protection against future infiltration. The considerable depth of the manholes necessitated the implementation of AJS Environmental’s specialised manhole chimney seal service, halting groundwater infiltration at this particularly vulnerable part of the manhole structure.

Post-repair inspections showed a substantial reduction in infiltration, effectively eliminating the issues that had plagued the client’s site. The client complimented AJS Environmental for providing a durable solution, significantly extending the lifespan of their manholes, and ensuring peace of mind.

“This case study serves as an example of AJS Environmental’s capability to handle complex and niche projects,” Barber added. “Our team of experts are equipped to deliver specialised, prompt, reliable, and high-quality services tailored to our clients’ unique needs.”

For more information on the case study and AJS Environmental’s comprehensive range of services, visit the company’s website at

About AJS Environmental: AJS Environmental is a leading provider of drainage repairs, services, parts, equipment and accessories for numerous industries in the UK. They also offer maintenance contracts, CCTV drainage surveys including culvert surveys, and a 24-hour 365-day call out service.

For press enquiries or further information, please contact:

Samuel Barber
AJS Environmental
[email protected]
01268 512273





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