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Boston Needs A Primark Says Shoppers

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Primark Is The Number One Store That Boston Shoppers Want

The store that is on the wish list for shoppers in Boston is Primark


Boston has been crying out for new blood to fill the empty shops. The name that most shoppers want to see come to Boston is Primark.

Rebos, located on Strait Bargate, closed its doors for the second time in October, disappointing the local community. Shoppers have now been voicing their opinions who they would like to replace Rebos, and on top that list is Primark.

The Rebos department store that once boasted a café, restaurant, and play area for children, first closed its doors on April 1, 2023. However, it reopened just three weeks later, with owner Serkan Arslan hopeful for its success.

Unfortunately, the optimism was short-lived, as Rebos closed its doors for the second time a few months later. The empty building now stands as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by high-street businesses in Lincolnshire and the impact on the local community.

With its reputation for affordable fashion and a wide range of products, Primark has become a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers across the country.

However, those living in Boston and near Boston including Skegness must travel if they want to grab a Primark bargain.


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The nearest Primark to Boston is Kings Lynn and Lincoln. If people wish to travel further, then they can visit the Grimsby Primark which recently was increased in size.

Some local shoppers in Boston can’t understand why Primark has not come to their area. Paul Brown said a Primark in Boston would bring people from other areas into the town which would help boost revenue for smaller businesses.

Laura Wells agrees that Boston is in desperate need for a Primark. She said: “Scunthorpe has a Primark, Lincoln has a Primark and even Grimsby has a Primark, so why don’t we?”

The impact of a Primark in Boston would bring new energy into the area and create much needed jobs. Each time Primark opens a new store it instantly becomes a success and brings in shoppers to the area which benefits other businesses.

All the people we spoke to in Boston believes that the council should be encouraging Primark to open a store in the town centre. However, Primark has at the moment no intention of opening a new store in the recent vacant Rebos building.

It is not just Primark that local residents want to see in Boston. Some

Other Suggestions for Replacement residents long for the return of Marks & Spencer, which closed its doors in 2019, leaving a void in the local retail landscape.

Others propose the creation of an activity hub, featuring various businesses spread across the building’s three floors. However, it is clear that Primark has captured the imagination of the majority, with its reputation and offerings aligning closely with the desires of the local community.

It is not just the people of Boston who are confused why Primark has not opened a store in their area. The people of Skegness long for a Primark to grab all the latest clothing bargains.


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