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Be Careful Says Family Of Boston Man Who Died Of Covid 19

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  • Family of Boston man who died of Covid 19 urge people to be careful


The family of a Boston man who sadly died of Covid 19 a year are appealing to people to be careful.

Bob Page lost his life to Covid 19 after he caught Coronavirus whilst on holiday in Birmingham. His wife Amanda who has been struggling ever since wants people to take Covid 19 serious.

She says, “The thing that haunts me more than anything is how did it happen, where did it happen and when was the moment that life went from normal to being completely turned upside down”.

“He couldn’t breathe and was taken into hospital.”

“He told me how much he loved me and burst into tears”.

“To hear him suffering so much and saying he was sorry was awful.”

“Every day when you wake up for those first few minutes when you forget he’s gone and you realise that he’s no longer here, then the day starts and you pinch yourself again and think you have to get on with life without him.”

“Please don’t be that person, please don’t lose someone you love, please don’t pass this on to somebody you love.”

“To see him gasping for breath filled with all of those machines, nobody should die that way.”

“I can’t describe to you what seeing somebody you love dying in that way is like”.

Covid 19 is still around and killing hundreds of people each week. However, there are tens of thousands of people who are not taking the virus seriously and Amanda Page wants those living in Boston and the UK to be more careful.

Derek Ward Lincolnshire’s Director of Public Health has said that coronavirus is very much circulating in the county.

The Director of Public Health explained that he would like people visiting our coastal resorts to be careful and test themselves.

“It only takes around 20 seconds to do the test and about 30 minutes to get the result.”

“If you get the negative then you have peace of mind you haven’t got the disease and are potentially bringing it into the county and taking into places like Skegness and Mablethorpe”.

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