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Eastenders Samantha Womack Splits From Emmerdale Star Mark Womack

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Ex-Eastenders star Samantha Womack has announced that her marriage to Emmerdale star Mark Womack was over, but they will carry on living together. The news comes days after her fellow cast mate and best mate Rita Simons announced that her marriage to hairdresser Theo Silverston was over.

Samantha Womack confirmed that she had split from her soul mate husband, but they would carry on living together and bringing up their children together. She explained that their home in Bedfordshire was big enough for them to carry on living together without stepping on each other toes.

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Mark Womack was first married to Mary Therese McGoldrick in 1995 where they had a son together. Samantha Janus and Mark Womack got together after staring in popular drama Liverpool One. They are now parents to Benjamin, 19, and Lili Rose, 15.

Samantha Womack who tied the knot with Mark Womack in 2009 has said she is in no rush to change the living arrangement as they are still the best of friends.

samantha womack splits from husband mark womackMark Womack who is currently staring in Emmerdale as bent copper DI Malone has failed to comment on the marriage split.

According to Samantha, the couple split two years ago and decided they no longer wanted to be in a romantic relationship but wanted to remain the best of friends are stay living together.

“We have this beautiful house and we get a lot of time away from each other. We’re still a family and we love and adore each other.

“He’s still been the best relationship of my life and I think he would say the same of me.

Mark and Samantha womack split“So we sat down with the kids and explained that we weren’t going to be in a romantic relationship any more, but we would stay best friends.

“We’ve been happily living together ever since. It’s bizarre but these have probably been the best years we’ve had as a family.”

Eastenders actress Samantha said she feels the romantic side of her marriage ended due to the long periods of time the couple spend apart due to work commitments.



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