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Ryanair cancels 400 flights in Europe

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French Air Traffic Control Strike Causing Serious Problems

The French air traffic controllers strike is causing misery to tens of thousands of passengers after hundreds of flights have been grounded. Ryanair has today announced they have been forced to cancel 400 flights in Europe leaving passengers angry.

Holidaymakers have been left frustrated at the delays which have been caused by the strike. Some passengers have been forced to cancel their holiday while others have had to miss the first day of their holiday.

Some passengers have complained about the long delays and how airlines have dealt with the situation. As a result of the strikes some passengers have been stranded abroad with one passenger who should have caught a flight home on Sunday being forced to wait until Thursday to catch a flight.

One passenger who is waiting to fly to Spain told In2town that she was frustrated with the situation. Jane Knowles from Liverpool said: “There doesn’t seem to be a year that goes by where a strike happens that affects flights. I just wished airlines were better prepared.”

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said he was frustrated with the situation.

He said: ‘It’s absolutely indefensible that flights going from Ireland to Italy, from Poland to Portugal, or from Spain to Germany are being cancelled simply because the French want to prioritise their domestic flights and cancel all the overflights.’

Passengers frustrated at the delays and the cancelled flights have been sharing their frustration on Twitter.

Passengers affected by the cancellations and delays voiced their frustrations on Twitter.

One user wrote: ‘Very confused, sat on flight FR455 FEU-NCL with delays due to French air strike. Already delayed by two hours but being told we’re now going to be sat not moving for a further two hours?

‘Why put us on the plane? Please communicate what the situation is. @Ryanair also doesn’t help the situation when two thirds of the refreshments are out of stock. Not hot food etc? Just crisps and fizzy pop.’

Another delayed passenger wrote: ‘Flight FR7045 dep 7.55am from Malaga to Dublin delayed 1hr30mins due to #Frenchairtraffic strikes but glad to be on home soil @Ryanair, thanks for not cancelling my flight.’

Ryanair are not the only ones to cancel flights, EasyJet has also been forced to cancel flight due to the French air traffic control strike.

The latest air traffic control strikes are putting people off on going abroad for their holidays. Instead, they are choosing to go on a staycation in Skegness, Blackpool, Devon, and more popular UK Holiday resorts.

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