Friday, May 27, 2022

Boris Johnson Will Not Win The Next General Election According To Some In Lincolnshire

Boris Johnson needs to gain the trust of Lincolnshire people if he wants to have a chance at winning the next General Election

  • Lincolnshire people don’t want Boris Johnson as their Prime Minister


With news that Boris Johnson new deputy chief of Staff has reportedly told advisors to be prepared for a General Election in 2023, we decided to see how people in Lincolnshire would vote.

According to the Times newspaper, David Canzini, the PM’s new deputy chief of staff, has told advisers that they had to prepare for a General Election in the autumn of next year. This is a brave move, especially with the national feeling towards Boris Johnson.

Although The Times Newspaper is reporting that a General Election could take place next year, other experts believe that Boris Johnson will wait until May 2024.

Boris Johnson has today said at the Conservative Party spring conference in Blackpool that his government needs to do “everything we can to help people” through the mounting cost of living pressures as energy prices continue to spike.

The Prime Minister said he and his party need to do everything they can to help people through the mounting cost of living pressures as energy prices continue to spike. However, those words mean nothing to the people in Lincolnshire who like many millions of people around the UK have lost faith in him and his party.

We went out on the streets of Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Skegness, Lincoln, Grantham, and Boston to find out if there was a General Election next year would they vote for him?

According to those people that we spoke to, if Boris Johnson did hold a General Election next year, then he needs to look for another job.

7 out of 10 people we spoke to said they did not trust Boris Johnson and would not vote for him at the next General Election. Surprisingly, 9 out of 10 people said they did not trust the Prime Minister. The only hope that Boris Johnson has to win the next General Election is how confident people are in the Labour leader.

5 out of ten people we spoke to said they did not believe that Sir Keir Starmer was a suitable leader for the Labour Party or the right man to become Prime Minister. The people who said they did not have much faith in the current leader of the Labour party said they would have more faith if Angela Rayner became leader.

One thing that most of the people agreed on was, calling for a General Election next year was political suicide. With the trust in Boris Johnson being so low, calling for a General Election sooner rather than later would be a huge mistake.


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