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Holidaymakers Cancel Benidorm Holidays After Shooting In Benidorm Nightclub

It has been a bad week for Benidorm with former BBC Radio host Jimmy Carol being attacked after a show and now with the shooting that took place on Wednesday evening. The two shocking incidents have had a damaging effect on the once popular Spanish resort.

On Tuesday (3 July 2018) of this week, a popular ex-BBC radio presenter and comedian was left in an induced coma after being attacked in a bar in Benidorm after a show. Jimmy Carol, 63, was rushed to hospital after suffering a bleed on the brain in the unprovoked attack.

serious shooting in Benidorm

In the same week on Wednesday 4th July 2018 three people were shot in a popular Benidorm nightclub. A British tourist was shot outside the Hippodrome nightclub while two other men were injured during the shooting which happened at around 11 pm.

Police are now hunting for four men in relation to the shooting, but although the police have assured holidaymakers that Benidorm is a safe place to visit, many of those who have a holiday booked are not convinced.

According to a source at leading travel agent, hundreds of holidaymakers are contacting them and asking if Benidorm is still safe. Others have asked to have their holidays changed to a different Spanish resort. It’s not just families who have become concerned, hen and stag parties are asking their travel agent for alternative Spanish resorts.

A popular entertainer in Benidorm has tried to assure fans that the two incidents are rare and Benidorm is a safe place to visit. Mark Harty who is one of the best-loved singers in Benidorm and who is a member of the popular tribute act One Vision has called for calm.

Former BBC Radio host Jimmy Carol 'in coma with bleed on brain' after being attacked in Benidorm bar after show
Former BBC Radio host Jimmy Carol ‘in coma with bleed on brain’ after being attacked in Benidorm bar after show

He posted on Facebook calling for people not to worry about the incidents and said that Benidorm is still a safe place to take a holiday.

Mark Harty post read: “OK THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG POST, After reading all the SHIT from the newspapers I have to say GET A GRIP!! How many shootings in the UK & all over the world do you hear about almost every day? (It was drug related) people especially the PRESS can’t wait to slag off Benidorm, I for one love this place, it’s a place for everyone whatever your taste, if you like nice beaches, nice food, and great entertainment.”

His post continued: Jimmy Carol was set upon by a gang of lads the other night & in critical condition & we hope & pray he’s gonna be ok & make a full recovery. It’s an awful thing to go through & the after effects are worse but shit happens & you just have to pick yourself up & get on with your life as you only live once. I’m a great believer of the saying (when your time’s up & wrong place wrong time) so folks never mind about looking on the dark side of things live life to the full.”

mark harty calls for calm in benidorm
Mark Harty from One Vision calls for calm after Benidorm shooting

Mark Harty has a point. Although there has been an increase in pickpockets, Benidorm is still a safe place to visit. Benidorm as Mark Harty has said is a magical place to take a holiday. It’s a place that is great for all ages.

Although Benidorm is much safer than London and other UK resorts, there is no denying the recent troubles will put people off from visiting the popular Spanish resort. Travel Agents have already found themselves trying to calm holidaymakers who have booked a holiday in Benidorm.

A source at a leading travel agent told In2town Travel Magazine: “People go on holiday to have fun and feel relaxed, they do not go on holiday to worry about their safety. With the trouble that has happened this week, it has worried hundreds of holidaymakers. We have seen a large number of bookings cancelled for Benidorm with many others being transferred to another holiday resort.”

With video footage showing tourists running for their lives after the shooting took place, it’s no wonder why so many people have become concerned about taking a holiday in Benidorm. Will Benidorm get over the recent troubles, time will only tell?

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