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Holidaymakers pack too many clothes

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How To Pack A Suitcase

Have you found when you go on holiday you have lots of clothes that you have not used? Or are you one of those people at the airport worried at check-in that your suitcase will be over and you will have to put your hand in your pocket and pay the excess? Well, it seems British holidaymakers have a serious habit, and that habit is packing too many clothes.

According to research, only 16% of British holidaymakers wear everything they pack and only 25% use everything they put in their suitcase including extra towels, hairdryers, and makeup. That means British Holidaymakers could save money on excess luggage chargers and could even save money by taking smaller suitcases or even replacing suitcases for cabin bags.

The report also found that the average holidaymaker spends two days packing their suitcase to make sure they have everything they need for their fun in the sun.

Television stylist and fashion guru Brix Smith-Start has put tips together to help people reduce the amount they take with them on holiday and avoid unnecessary extra luggage charges.

· Check the weather before you travel

If the weather forecast is dry and sunny throughout the time you are away then you are unlikely to need more than one warm jumper and one pair of jeans. Jeans and jumpers are heavy clothes so wear them on the flight. Bring an umbrella just in case, but leave your raincoat at home!

· Think about the kind of holiday you are going to have

If you love active adventure then bring your hiking boots and heavy duty combat trousers to protect your legs from scrapes. However, if you are just going to lie by the beach and possibly do some sightseeing then leave your boots behind, unpack your gym kit and just bring a pair of plimsolls or shoes that you’ll be comfortable walking around in.

· Plan what shoes you’ll wear

Shoes weigh a lot, and yet over 10% of those asked packed five or more pairs! On holiday, you don’t need to match your shoes with every dress instead bring a pair of sparkly flat flip flops or sandals, and a pair of wedges or neutral high heel sandals, which will go with everything. You then just need a pair of flip-flops for the beach and some plimsolls for walking.

· Bring a couple of statement items

A fabulous maxi-dress, an original kaftan or a statement necklace will be all you need to get you from looking chic during the day to looking glamorous at night. Kaftans and maxi-dresses are so easy to dress up or down and a bright print will make you really stand out and feel confident while you are away.

· Don’t bring a towel

Towels are heavy, get smelly when damp and take up a lot of room in your case. A lot of beach hotels provide beach towels and if yours doesn’t you can easily pick up a cheap one once you are away or just use your sarong.

· Get a great sarong

A good quality sarong can be used as a beach dress, a cover up, a sun protector for babies, a bag, a head scarf or as I said before instead of a beach towel. Get one that you love so that you’ll get the best use out of it.

· Bring accessories that will work hard

Strings of beads that can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, chunky earrings and necklaces that can smarten up a beach dress and flower corsages that can jazz up a plain boob tube or can be pinned to your sun hat – accessories should be the key to your summer wardrobe. They are small and will ensure that your outfits can look different each time you wear them.

how to pack a suitcase

· Cut down on toiletries

Do you need hair spray, mousse, serum, gel, body lotion, body oil, after sun etc.? – probably not. In fact, if you are anything like me your toiletries bag will be the heaviest thing in your suitcase. Try and cut down by bringing mini versions of your products and deciding what you need to get you through the day. Remember you’ll probably spend less time getting ready at night as it will be too hot for blow dries and straightening sessions. Also, if you are going away with the girls, choose who will bring what. You don’t need four bottles of shampoo between four of you!

· White pants

White shorts, white three quarter length trousers, white jeans, white linen trousers any of the above will work well on holiday, as with the right top they look so glamorous. Find a pair that make you look great and wear them with everything.

· Bring fun jewellery on holiday

Holidays are not the place for diamonds and pearls. If you lost something valuable when you were away you’d be devastated and it is more likely to happen when you are moving around. Instead bring fun, bright, cheap jewellery that will dress up your outfits and look fabulous!


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