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Hotel Review North Shore Hotel Review Skegness

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North Shore Hotel Review

See what I thought about one of the most popular hotels in Skegness with my North Shore Hotel Review.

  • The North Shore Hotel Review Is Based On Two People Sharing
  • The North Shore Hotel in Skegness is one mile away from the town centre.
  • A two-minute walk will take you straight to the beach, which is great when its summer
  • The Skegness North Shore Hotel also has an 18-hole golf course
  • The Skegness hotel has 34 rooms.
  • Free parking is provided

As part of our UK romantic breaks away for couples, I was sent to Skegness with a booking at the North Shore Hotel. Ok, I’ve got to be honest, going to Skegness in February was not my first choice, second choice, or even my third choice. A nice break away in Devon or abroad with the sun shining would have been y first choice. But, this is where I was sent, so with a gritted smile on my face, and my overnight bag packed, I got in my car with my wife and drove to sunny Skegness.

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I was not really expecting much of my Skegness North Shore Hotel review, I had seen it advertised and read some of the reviews, but I thought this was going to be a hotel that I couldn’t wait to get home from. However, when I got out of my car, after nearly being blown away by the winds, I was really surprised. The North Shore Hotel in Skegness was not what I was expecting.

The North Shore Hotel Review Was Not What I Was Expecting

The Skegness North Shore Hotel is just a two-minute walk from the beach. The hotel which was established in 1912, is around one mile away from the busy town centre. For those that like to play golf, the hotel has an 18-hole golf course. Sounds impressive doesn’t it, but what is the hotel like, and what are the rooms like, and more importantly, what are the staff like and do they provide quality food?

review north shore hotel skegness

Who is the Skegness North Shore Hotel for?

The hotel is an ideal place for couples looking to go away for the weekend or just overnight for a romantic break. The North Shore Hotel provides a romantic feel, it has a rustic charm and is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time away together.



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North Shore Hotel Accommodation

North Shore Hotel Review Skegness

I was not expecting much, I have to be honest. The price of the hotel was cheap enough so I was expecting a small room with not many facilities, but, even though it did have its problems, I was presently surprised.

The room was an average size, but it was sufficient for two people looking for a romantic break. What I did not like was the extra bed that was in the room and this did make it less romantic. I did book a room with a double bed so I was not expecting to have an extra single bed taking up space.

Another thing that I was not impressed with was having to tune in the television myself. When we arrived in our room none of the channels were loaded on the television, but within a few minutes that was sorted.

Another problem I found with the room was the En-suite bathroom. The bathroom was nice enough but there was no bath mat in the bath, even though there was a note stuck to the wall that talked about the bath mat.

On a positive note, the room was comfortable and the bed provided an excellent night sleep. Each room has free Wi-Fi which was another positive.


Food and drink at the North Shore Hotel in Skegness

There was a lovely bar at the North Shore Hotel and it was so nice to be welcomed by a very nice bar man. Unlike a lot of the hotels I have stayed in where you feel like the bar staff don’t want you there, this bar man made you feel so comfortable like you have been there many times before.

The prices of drinks were very reasonable which was another surprise, and there was plenty of tables to sit down and relax.

review of skegness north shore hotel

North Shore Hotel Review – Breakfast


Breakfast, I have to say wow. I was not really expecting much. I have stayed in hotels that cost £400 and £500 a night and they could really learn a thing or two from the North Shore Hotel.

You could help yourself to drinks such as pineapple juice or orange juice and then you will be asked by the waiter what you would like for breakfast. I had to go for the Full English, well you have to don’t you, it would be rude not to.

When my full English arrived, I was blown away. It looked amazing and tasted even better. This was one of the best Full English I have had at a hotel.


The North Shore Hotel staff

I have got to say, even though there were some problems with the room, the staff at the North Shore hotel made up for this. I am not sure if they were hand-picked, but they were very well trained. It’s so nice to go to a hotel and feel welcomed. It’s also nice to see staff smile and interact with you.


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Overall Opinion Of The North Shore Hotel In Skegness

The North Shore Hotel is a very nice hotel. It provides couples with everything they need for a nice romantic break away.

Even though there were a few minor problems with the room, this is a hotel that I would have no problems visiting again. The hotel provides quality food, and the prices are very reasonable. What really makes this hotel is the staff, from the receptionist to the bar staff, everyone makes you feel very welcome.


Rating Of The North Shore Hotel In Skegness


If the room did not have the problems it had, then I would have rated the North Shore Hotel in Skegness 10/10

If you have stayed at the North Shore Hotel in Skegness and would like to make a comment about our review, then please visit our official Facebook page. Our North Shore Hotel Review in Skegness was based on two people sharing, and the review took place in February.

Skegness has become one of the best loved holiday resorts. There are lots of things to do in Skegness for all ages.

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