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Ryanair Strike Action Could Affect Holidaymakers Going To Spain

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  • There could be more misery for those travelling to Spain this summer with threats of strike action by Spanish cabin crew


British tourists flying abroad have not had a great year with all the delays and cancelled flights. For those visiting Spain this summer, the delays and misery could continue thanks to strike action from cabin crew.

Ryanair’s Spanish cabin staff intend to go on strike for six days later this month, and in early July, which could cause flights to be delayed and cancelled.

The first strike action by the Spanish cabin crew is set to take from June 24 to July 2. According to the USO union, the strike action is about working conditions and pay. As of yet UK cabin crew have not announced any strike action, and according to reports they are not expected to.

The USO are demanding improvements to pay and conditions. They have claimed that they have no option but to strike after they claimed Ryanair walked away from talks.

Ryanair passengers travelling to Spain on the dates between June 24 to July 2 are advised to check that their flight is not impacted by the strike action.

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