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Grantham and District Hospital Forced To Turn Ambulances Away

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  • The Lincolnshire Hospital was forced to turn patients away after water pipe was damaged


A Lincolnshire hospital was temporally forced to turn away ambulances after a contractor accidently damaged a water pipe.

Grantham and District Hospital lost all supply of water for around six hours. Due to the accident the hospital had to send ambulances to other hospitals.

A spokesman at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust said: “Earlier this morning, a contractor on-site at Grantham and District Hospital accidentally damaged a water pipe.

“We have been working with contractors to fix the problem.

“The damaged pipe did mean that we lost all water supply on the site, and we had to temporarily divert ambulances away from the emergency department, however, the department remained open for walk-ins.

The water supply to the hospital has now been restored, and the hospital are now accepting ambulances.



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