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Scunthorpe Woman Sentenced After Stabbing Man To Death

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  • Woman sentenced after man stabbed to death


A 47-year-old Scunthorpe woman has been convicted of stabbing a man to death. Piotr Rafal Konior was convicted of manslaughter under diminished responsibility and sentenced to an indeterminate hospital order.

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Police found Mr Konior with serious injuries after Piotr Rafal Konior stabbed him multiple times on June 24, 2020, at a property on Crosby Avenue in Scunthorpe

Although emergency services tried their best to save Mr Konior, he was later pronounced dead.

Piotr Rafal Konior who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia appeared at Hull Crown Court after she previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter. According to reports, after the incident she ran virtually naked into the street and into a local convenience store.

The mother of Piotr’s children said: “As for me and the children and the family, for two years we have been living a nightmare.

“Never would we have expected this woman who promised us that everything would be alright would deprive us of the most important person in the family.

“Piotr considered Pytlaks to be his family, we wouldn’t wish a situation like this on anybody else. She deserves to be in prison for as long as possible, so she doesn’t hurt anybody else.”

Detective Chief Inspector Rhodri Troake, who led the investigation, said: “The sentence given to  Malgorzata Pytlak means she can no longer pose a danger to the public and she is guaranteed to receive the care and support she needs.”



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