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Scunthorpe McDonalds Get A Thumbs Down On Trip Advisor

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  • Scunthorpe McDonalds don’t rate high on Trip Advisor according to bad reviews.

Most of us at some point have visited a McDonalds outlet, some people visit McDonalds more than others.  For some people McDonalds is the best place to go for fast food, but it seems not everyone is happy.

According to Trip Advisor, Scunthorpe McDonalds are not as good as the brand may like you to think they are. If we go by the reviews published on Trip Advisor, then Scunthorpe McDonalds have a serious problem.

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Trip Advisor has revealed what some people think of their local McDonalds, with some reviews claiming incorrect orders, cold food, and shocking customer service. So, how did Scunthorpe McDonalds rate with local people? Check below.


Scunthorpe McDonalds Reviews

Lakeside Parkway, Scunthorpe – 3/5 stars


This McDonald’s is situated next to a Morrisons and can get very busy at times.

According to Trip Advisor reviews, the manager really needs to fix some serious problems before customers eat elsewhere.

Trip Advisor have mentioned about the lack of speed is delivering orders. The reviews also talk about rude staff.

One review said: “The Slowest fast-food drive thru ever with rude staff who didn’t really know what was going on.

“I ordered four meals with four drinks, which you’d think would come with four straws? No, only two, when we asked for two more, they asked why we needed them.

“The food was stone cold and our McFlurry was more like milk!”

Another person wrote on Trip Advisor: “We visited on a Sunday afternoon, it was really busy and there was a very long queue for the drive thru, so we went into order.


Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe – 2.5/5 stars


Doncaster Road McDonalds needs a lot of improvement according to the reviews on Trip Advisor.

It seems the same kind of reviews are being posted which includes slow service, rude staff, and bad customer service.

One review said: “I ordered my food, and it must have taken about 30 minutes for me to get my order.

“The staff were just messing around, laughing and chatting. It took a nice lady to tell the manger I hadn’t received my order.

“Thank you to that lovely member of public, but I have never waited so long for a McDonalds in my life.”

It seems McDonalds in Scunthorpe have a serious problem that needs addressing.

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