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Labour Losing Lincolnshire Voters After ITV Debate


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Rishi Sunak Beats Keir Starmer In The ITV Debate in Salford Media City

The ITV Debate has worried Labour Voters and could result in Rishi Sunak winning the General Election

Labour was predicted to win the General Election with a huge majority, but now, after the ITV Debate, Labour could struggle to win.

Tonight’s ITV Political debate has opened the eyes of Lincolnshire voters who were convinced Keir Starmer was the man to lead the country. But now, Keir Starmer has embarrassed the Labour party by look weak and failing to answer questions.

Lincolnshire News Today readers have said they are shocked at some of the claims made on the ITV Debate which includes Labour could add £2000 to tax bills. Another claim that has shocked voters in Lincolnshire is a claim that Keir Starmer could be forcing pensioners to pay tax on their state pensions.

The ITV Debate has caused worry with Lincolnshire Labour Voters

Watching the ITV Debate one Lincolnshire News Today voter said it was like watching Tyson Fury have a fight in the ring with Boris Johnson. Other readers have said it was like watching a little boy being bulled at school, while others have called Keir Starmer embarrassing.

With the embarrassing display of Keir Starmer on the ITV Debate, some voters are calling for the Labour Leader to step down and for Angela Rayner to take over. Thanks to Keir Starmer failure to answer questions, some Labour voters in Lincolnshire have said Keir Starmer has a lack of leadership qualities.

disabled people wont vote for rishi sunak

During the debate, we have had readers from Skegness, Lincoln, Grantham, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe, Spalding, and Boston contact us to say how shocked they were with Keir Starmer.

Steven from Boston contacted Lincolnshire News Today to say he has always been a Labour voter but now is worried.

ITV debate Lincolnshire Voters not happy

“I watched the ITV Debate, and it was embarrassing. Keir Starmer failed to answer questions. This is not a man we can have run our country if he finds it too hard to take part in a debate.”

Lisa from Skegness who said she was an undecided voter said she is concerned about the future.

“I was going to vote Labour, but after watching the ITV Debate, I am now considering voting Conservative. Keir Starmer seemed to have fallen to pieces during the debate. It was like watching my son who had done something wrong but was too scared to admit it.”

Some pensioners contacted Lincolnshire News Today feeling scared for the future. Mark from Boston, Neil from Grimsby, and Jane from Scunthorpe said the thought of being taxed on their pensioner is scary.


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This fear is in relation to Keir Starmer being accused that he would be put a tax on state pensions. This is a claim he failed to deny.

Mark from Boston said: “Why should pensioners be taxed. I am shocked. I have always voted Labour, but I won’t being voting for them now.”

Neil from Grimsby said he is struggling to survive. “I am a pensioner and if it is true that Labour will bring in a tax for pensioner then I don’t know what I will do. I have always voted Labour but now I am considering voting for Rishi Sunak.

It is clear to see that Keir Starmer will need to pull something out of the hat at the next live debate if he is going to get voters back on side. But with tonight ITV Debate then he has a lot of work to do.

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