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Rishi Sunak Is Not Wanted As The Next Prime Minister

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  • Bookmakers have former UK chancellor Rishi Sunak as the man to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, but if it was left to the voters then he would be bottom choice.


Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak who has become the bookies favourite to become the new Prime Minister would not win the competition if it was left to the general public. According to a recent poll we conducted in Lincolnshire, including in Boston, Skegness, and Scunthorpe, Rishi Sunak would not stand a chance to fulfil his dream of replacing Boris Johnson.

After seeing the bookmakers makeRishi Sunak their favourite in the race to become the new Prime Minister, we decided to ask voters in the street who they wanted. We found he was less popular on the street than in the corridors of Parliament.

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We spoke to Labour and Conservative voters in Lincolnshire to see what they thought of the man who wants to become Prime Minister. According to 8 out of 10 people we spoke to, they did not want him to win the race. They felt that he lacked trust.

Some small retail owners in Skegness felt Rishi Sunak would become a liability to their business if he was to become the next Prime Minister. While a mother of two from Scunthorpe felt the tory hopeful did not understand what it was like to be working class.

When we asked who they would like to see as the next Prime Minister, we found that Liz Truss was the most popular choice. Sarah from Skegness said that Liz Truss was the obvious choice.

“I have lost faith in most of the MPs, but I believe that Liz Truss would sort out the Conservative party and do right for the country.”

Rishi Sunak recession believes he has the top job in his pocket according to Tory insiders. However, not all Tory MPs are a fan of his. Some have accused him of setting the UK on course for “a recession, while others believe he has been waiting in the wings to become Prime Minister. Rees-Mogg has publicly blamed Rishi Sunak for difficulties in establishing post-Brexit policy.

Although Labour Leader Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is hoping for a General Election to be called, it seems that could be a major mistake. Recent polls we have conducted have found that Labour voters don’t believe he is the right man to become the next Prime Minister.

Sir Keir Rodney Starmer lacks vision and trust, which would leave voters at the next General Election with a difficult choice. Due to his lack of popularity, it could result in a shocking victory for the Conservative Party.

Whoever wins the race to become the next Tory leader they will have a big battle on their hands with the priority to sort out the rising cost of living.

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