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Paul Burrell To Take Prince Harry To Court For Lying On Witness Statement

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Paul Burrell and Prince Harry Could Fight It Out in Court

Prince Harry who attended the High Court of the Royal Courts of Justice in London to testify against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) over alleged unlawful information gathering could find himself in court again.

The High court heard that the unpopular Prince Harry said “Paul Burrell is a ‘two-face s***” while also describing him an ‘attention-seeking and self-interested’ during a ‘disagreement’ with brother William. The court also heard Harry’s witness statement Paul Burrell has sold his mother’s belongings. This statement could result in a costly court battle between Prince Harry and Paul Burrell.

I’m A Celebrity star and former Butler to Princess Diana was shocked when he read Prince Harry’s witness statement that was used in the Royal Courts of Justice in London. After accusing Prince Harry of lying, Paul Burrell is now threatening to sue the unpopular Prince.

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Paul Burrell who appeared on the Dan Wootton show on GB News said he was shocked at the false informed provided in the witness statement, which the former butler said could damage his reputation.

Prince harry court action

In Prince Harry’s witness statement, he claimed that Paul Burrell had his mother’s possession, a claim that Princess Diana former butler denies.

He said: “I just wish he would get his witness statement correct. Because he said about me that I have sold his mother’s possessions, which is completely untrue. You can’t bring a witness statement into court which is untrue. I have written to Clintons, his solicitors, three times now to ask them on what basis does he make these claims?”

Paul Burrell who said he cannot understand how he could lie like that went on: “I would like to know whether Harry has evidence – I know he doesn’t. So, what gives him the right to make these claims in a court of law about me that is defamatory and untrue? I’m still waiting for a reply.” He continued: “I have a right to say, ‘this is untrue.’ And if this is untrue what other parts of Harry’s witness statements are untrue?”

He said: “I am prepared to pursue this further yes, because it’s my reputation at stake. Watch this space.” He demanded an apology from the Harry earlier this month. In his memoir Spare, and in the High Court, Harry, 38, slammed the former butler.

He and brother William wanted to “stop him selling more Diana secrets”, he said. Harry told the High Court: “The article accurately sets out the position that my brother was open to fixing a meeting with Paul to discuss his ongoing exposés about our mother.” He also added: “However I had made up my mind about the kind of person I thought Paul was. And was firmly against meeting him.”

Although Paul Burrell was Prince Harry mum’s rock, the unpopular Prince has been accused of showing no respect to the former butler.

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