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Is Cyber Sex Really Classed As Cheating

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Is Cyber Sex Cheating? If you caught your husband or a loved one chatting to another woman online would you be angry? Many people believe that cyber sex is as bad as having an affair but is it really cheating, or is it a bit of friendly fun?#

In recent years we have seen a number of celebrities being caught out having cyber sex. Some of those celebrities have watched their career go down the line and their relationships, while other celebrities have been forgiven by their partners and the public. So, we decided to find out what our readers throught about cyber sex and to see if they throught it was abit of fun or the grounds of divorce?

Our team of lifestyle magazine reporters got together to ask our female readers what they felt was classed as cheating. We asked the following questions:

1. If you caught her husband/partner looking at pornographic magazines classed as cheating

2. Does watching an adult film mean that a loved one is being unfaithful?

3. Is cyber sex classed as cheating.


The results were very surprising. Only 6% per cent of women thought looking at adult magazines made them feel their loved one was cheating on them. However, 30% said they objected to their husbands/partners watching adult movies. While 76 per cent said cyber sex was cheating and they would consider ending the relationship.

According to relationship experts the reason why women feel cheated if they husband/partner is involved in cyber sex compared to watching an adult film was due to the communication between two people. Watching a film or reading an adult magazine does not require any contact with a second person. However cyber sex is intimate communication between two people the same as it would be if you were in the same room.

So looking at the survey, do men understand how they are putting their relationship at risk through cyber sex? It seems with the growing number of adult men who are now involved in cyber sex it seems not.


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