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Black Senior Met Police Officer Sues His Own Force After Being Stopped By Two White Officers

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A Black Met Police Inspector Says He Was Stopped By White Police Officers For Being Black


A respected black Met Police Inspector was shocked when he was stopped by two white officers while driving home from work. According to Charles Ehikoya who has been a serving police officer for more than 22-years, he was only stopped by the two white officers for being black, a claim the Metropolitan Police have denied.

‘I feel I was pulled over for no other reason than the fact that they’d seen a black man driving a car’, Charles Ehikoya said.

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The incident happened on 23rd May, when Charles asked the two police officers why he was stopped they claimed it was down to his speed and they thought he had gone through a red light.

Charles Ehikoya who believes the incident was down to the colour of his skin noticed that one of the police officers’ body-worn camera was not recording, so he decided to record the stop himself.

police officer to sue met police“I feel I was pulled over for no other reason than the fact that they’d seen a black man driving a car” he said. “I just feel they’ve done this because I’m black”.

Mr Ehikoya said the officers asked to see his driving licence and wanted proof that he was insured to drive the vehicle he was in.

“There was no reason to pull me over. I was not speeding, I was not using my mobile phone, and I had not been drinking, this incident was down to the colour of my skin and not the way I was driving my car.”

Although the police officers claimed he was speeding, they were unable to tell him what speed he was doing.

The experienced Met Police Inspector said the incident could have ended his career and now wants the incident investigated.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement it had received an internal complaint on May 24 but a review “found no evidence of misconduct”.

Mr Ehikoya now intends to sue his police force over the incident.

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