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Wolds Wildlife Park Review

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Review Of Horncastle Wildlife Park

I have to be honest, when we looked at doing the Wolds Wildlife Park Review, I had never heard of it before. That maybe down to the Lincolnshire Zoo is one of the newest in the UK. It is around 35 minutes by car from Skegness.

The Wolds Wildlife Park in Horncastle started as a private collection back in 2018 when one of the owners gave his wife a young female zebra. And who said romance is dead. Since then, the collection grew with many of the animals in their Lincolnshire Zoo being rehomed from other collections.

Tracy Walters and Andrew Riddel who own Wolds Wildlife Park in Horncastle wanted to share their love of exotic animals with the general public, so they decided to open the doors to their collection and launch their very own zoo.

Wolds Wildlife Park Review

The Lincolnshire Zoo is just a short drive from Skegness and Horncastle, where you will find lions, zebras, Indian Leopard, Eurasian Lynx, and all other kinds of exotic animals near the sleepy Lincolnshire village.

One of the first things that I did notice when we arrived at the Wolds Wildlife Park near Louth is the size of the Zoo. I have to admit, when I parked up, I did feel a little disappointed. I thought for a Zoo it was a little small, but that was before I went through the main entrance.

Ok, so the Lincolnshire Zoo is small but the way it has been designed has been very clever. From the outside you would think it would only have a few animals, but it is like The BBC Doctor Who Tardis. From the outside it looks small but, on the inside, it is big enough for a full day of enjoyment.


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What I loved about the Wolds Wildlife Zoo is the enclosures. When designing the Zoo, the people behind it have thought about the animals and about those wishing to get close to the wonderful wildlife they enclose.  The enclosures allow you to feel as close to the animals as you would in the wild.

The Wolds Wildlife Zoo is undergoing a lot of expansion at the moment. You will see all the work going on in the Zoo and there are plans for expanding the wildlife park to include new toilet blocks, and an educational centre.

There are more than 230 animals to see which include camels, lemurs, brown bears, wallabies, monkeys, and so much more. They also have domestic animals such as llama, alpacas, highland cow, donkeys and more.

wolds zoo review

The animals that I was looking forward to seeing was the Brown Bears and the monkeys and they did not disappoint. When we were at the Lincolnshire wildlife park there was a boy and his father playing with a ball next to the African Lion enclosure. It was so funny how the Lion was running back and forth as if they wanted to grab the ball and play with it.

I have read some Wolds Wildlife Zoo reviews where they say on average you can spend two hours there. However, I have to disagree. With so many exotic animals to see and the facilities on offer, you can spend half a day there or even a full day.


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The facilities on site include toilets, baby changing rooms, and also a nice café to have a drink and something to eat. The prices at the zoo for food and refreshments are very reasonable.

The Lincolnshire Zoo was featured on Ross Kemp Britain’s Tiger Kings where owners Andrew Riddel and Tracy Walters showcased their zoo and animals.

If you are looking for a fun day out with the children, then the wildlife zoo in Lincolnshire is the perfect choice. Our Wolds Wildlife Zoo review has given the Lincolnshire Zoo ten out of ten.


Wolds Wildlife Park

Homefield Farm

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