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Is My London House Haunted

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  • London’s famous ghosts include Father Benedictus, The Red Lady, William Terris, and Arbella Stuart.
  • Are ghosts real? According to tens of thousands of people who live in London the answer is yes.

Do you have a famous London Ghost In Your Home?

Have you ever thought to yourself, help my house is haunted? Or been told by a friend ‘my house is haunted’. If the answer is yes and you want to know how to spot the signs of a haunted house, then please read on.

Are ghosts real is a question that people want the answers to. Over the years there have been many London ghost stories in the media, and there is no denying there are lots of London ghost stories and places in London that people claim to be haunted, but are ghosts real?

To be honest, as someone who has never seen a ghost or experience that a ghost is nearby, I am the wrong person to ask. However, I have spoken to several paranormal investigators who claim ghosts are real and the London ghost stories that have become famous are also real.

London ghosts

There are lots of famous London ghosts if you believe the stories and they include Father Benedictus, The Red Lady, William Terris, and of course Arbella Stuart. People come far and wide to visit spooky places in London, bringing in much-needed tourism. No matter what you believe, the London ghost stories create jobs, but what should you do if you think you have a ghost in your home?

If you think your London home is haunted then you need to get paranormal investigators out, but before you do that, you need to keep a log and check out our list of signs your house is haunted.

Before we look at the complete list, has your home ever felt cod even when you have the thermostat turned up. This is the most common sign that your home is haunted.

When you have a ghost in your house and paranormal activity takes place, the temperature will not gradually reduce in temperature. Instead, it will dramatically drop within seconds. You may then experience different smells from a pleasant scent like a bunch of flowers to an unpleasant smell like strong tobacco or rotting meat.

When investigating to have a haunted house, you need to keep a log before you call in any paranormal experts. You need to record any strange activity in your home like strange smells and try to record any strange behaviour including audio and visual.

If you do have a haunted house in London, then that means the spirit has been unable to move over to the other side.

So, if you are asking if there are any ghosts in my house then check out our tips below, and if you have experienced any of the following then maybe you need to contact a paranormal investigator to confirm if your home is haunted.

is my house haunted

10 Signs That Your House Is Haunted


  1. The temperature drops without explanation in a confined to specific areas.
  2. You feel you are being watched when alone.
  3. You hear unexplained noises like crashes, bangs, or footsteps with no logical explanation.
  4. Unusual smells like perfume, flowers, tobacco, flowers, burning, or rotten meat.
  5. You experience electrical disturbances that affect lights, TVs, radios, or cookers.
  6. Objects disappear and reappear in different parts of your home.
  7. You get a glimpse of a person-shaped object.
  8. You feel sudden static discharge or can sense the ‘smell’ of electricity.
  9. You may experience objects that move on their own.
  10. You may feel like someone has touched you and there is no one near you.


So if you want to know if my house is haunted, all you need to do keep a log and see if you experience any of the strange behaviour on our list. And, if your London home is haunted, then do get in touch so we can share your story.

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