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Should I book a holiday in 2021?

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  • 22 per cent of adults are planning to spend more money on travelling this year
  • Travel agents want you to book your summer holiday now
  • People are worried about booking a summer holiday for 2021

Should I book a summer holiday in 2021 is a question on everyone’s minds. Let us face it, after a year we have had with the Coronavirus pandemic who is not thinking about jumping on a plane and getting away from it all?

2020 was a year that we would all like to forget. It was a year where dreams were shattered, lives were lost, and the future looked uncertain.  Instead of flying abroad and enjoying the sun, we were put on lockdown and forced to watch repeats of Benidorm and listen to Boris Johnson’s confusing speech.

“So, we are saying do not go to work, go to work. Don’t take public transport, go to work, don’t go to work.”

“Stay indoors. If you can’t work from home go to work, don’t go to work, go outside, don’t go outside. And then we will or won’t, something or other.”

don't book a summer 2021 holiday

Now we are in 2021, although we are in our third lockdown, we now have hope. And that hope is not just felt by the tens of millions of people who want a normal life, it is also felt by the travel industry who are desperate to get passengers back on planes and abroad.

The likes of Ryanair and TUI are trying to tempt us to book our summer holidays. They are claiming the deals they are offering are great deals, and we should all be rushing to our computers to book. But before you rush to your computer and start spending your money on a 2021 summer holiday, ask yourself, should I book a summer holiday in 2021?

Although the answer to can I go on a summer holiday in 2021 seems more hopeful than in 2020, I wouldn’t spend your money just yet. Yes, we have COVID19 vaccines available, but with some days where more than six hundred people are dying, we don’t know if a summer holiday abroad will be safe.

If we book a summer 2021 holiday now, there are chances that it could be cancelled, and you may not be covered for a refund. Even if you do get a refund, you may be waiting for months to get your money back. When TUI cancelled their holidays, some people were waiting nearly five months for their money back. I personally waited for four months, so, do you really want to book a summer holiday now and waste all that money?

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Should I book a holiday in 2021?

If you are thinking of booking a summer holiday now, then don’t. It is important to be cautious. Even if it does look like the Government will allow people to fly abroad in the summer, that can change daily. And, if you do manage to jump on a plane and get to Spain, with the constantly changing landscape of the COVID19 rules, there is no guarantee you will be able to return to the UK.

Out Lifestyle Magazine Travel Expert Geoff Tims said: “At the moment it is not safe to book a summer holiday abroad. If people do manage to go abroad then due to the changing rules and regulations and how unpredictable the Coronavirus is, they may be unable to return to the UK.”

Geoff Tims said that booking a holiday now is very risky and could be an expensive mistake.

“For people wishing to book a summer holiday, it is important to wait nearer to the time to see if there are any restrictions in place,” Geoff Tims explained

For those people wishing to book a holiday now, it is important to read the terms and conditions. Refunds are not compulsory and travel insurance providers may not pay out if a holiday is cancelled due to COVID19.

Although people are desperate to travel abroad and get away from the stress of COVID19, the general opinion is, do not book a summer holiday now. Wait until we see how the Vaccine is helping to beat the pandemic.

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