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Lincoln Bus Passengers Fed Up With Stagecoach

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  • Stagecoach cancelled 50 bus services over the weekend in Lincoln


Bus passengers in Lincoln have said enough is enough with all the bus services cancelled by Stagecoach.

Over the weekend Stagecoach cancelled 50 bus services. This caused major upset with those living and working in Lincoln. Many of those affected were forced to get taxis to their destinations.

Stagecoach is very quick to blame the problem on staffing crisis but are very slow to sort it out. Now it seems angry passengers have had enough and are calling in Lincolnshire County Council to do something.

A spokesman for Stagecoach has said: “We are working hard to continue as many services as possible”

The bus cancellations affected those travelling on Saturday 6th November and Sunday 7th November.

Stagecoach have been providing a second-rate bus service since September, and it seems passengers have many more weeks of bus cancellations.

While Stagecoach have asked passengers to bear with them until they sort out the problem, it seems those living in Lincoln are saying enough is enough.

We have had more than 200 emails from people living in Lincoln saying how fed up they are with Stagecoach. Some of those have expressed their concerns that the second-rate service being provided by Stagecoach could continue until next year.

Some people have explained how the cancellations have forced them to take taxis to work, while others have said they have had to walk to their destination.

This was posted on Stagecoach East Midlands Twitter account on November 3: “With current challenges around driver shortages, we are working hard to continue as many services as possible.

“In Lincoln last week we operated 96 per cent of services, but there may be some cancellations today, please keep an eye on Twitter for daily updates.”

With so many people out of work, people are finding it hard to understand why Stagecoach have a staffing problem.

Let us hope that Stagecoach gets this problem sorted sooner rather than later.


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