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Home Office To Hold RAF Scampton Asylum Meeting

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RAF Scampton: Home Office to Hold Online Meeting Over Asylum Camp Plans

The proposal to house up to 2,000 asylum seekers at the site has sparked controversy and opposition from some members of the community.


Lincoln News. Ever since the news broke out over the shocking news that the famous RAF Scampton in Lincoln was to be used to house migrants, there has been a huge uproar. Now, the Home Office is finally going to listen to those who are concerned about the move.

The Home Office has announced that a new online meeting will be held for residents concerned about the conversion of a former RAF station into an asylum centre. This meeting, scheduled for September 27th, aims to address the concerns of both residents and workers in the area.

The upcoming online meeting organized by the Home Office is an effort to engage with the local community and address their concerns regarding the conversion of the former RAF station into an asylum centre.

The meeting, scheduled for September 27th, will be open to up to 1,000 residents and workers in Scampton, Lincoln, Welton, Dunholme, Aisthorpe, Brattleby, Cammeringham, and North Carlton.

To ensure the authenticity of the attendees, they will be required to sign up for the event via Eventbrite and provide their home or work address for verification purposes. Once registered, participants will receive a link to join the virtual event.

Despite the Home Office’s efforts to engage with the local community, some campaigners remain sceptical about the effectiveness of the online meeting.

Sarah Carter, a local resident and leader of the Save Our Scampton campaign group, expressed her doubts, referring to the meeting as a “superficial box-ticking exercise.” Carter also raised concerns about the online nature of the event, highlighting the potential exclusion of older residents or those who are unfamiliar with social media.

 She argued that not everyone in the community uses social media platforms and that alternative communication channels should be utilized to ensure inclusivity.

Sarah Carter said: “It’s not fair that they’ve done it solely online this time. If they don’t use social media, the elderly aren’t going to see it,” she said.

“People tend to think that because it’s a former RAF base it’s filled with young families, but it’s not.”


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In response to concerns about the protection of heritage assets at the former RAF station, West Lindsey District Council issued a temporary stop notice last week.

The notice required the Home Office to halt work near the listed buildings, intrusive surveys, and the erection of fencing. In light of this, council staff visited the site on Thursday to inspect the progress of the work and verify compliance with the temporary stop notice.

However, the council did not provide detailed information about the findings of the inspection or whether any violations were observed. The council’s planning director, Sally Grindrod-Smith, stated that the council’s position remains unchanged, and they await the Home Office’s response.

The temporary stop notice issued by West Lindsey District Council reflects the significance of preserving heritage assets at the former RAF station.

The site holds historical and cultural value, and it is crucial to ensure that any redevelopment or conversion plans take into account the preservation of these assets. By issuing the temporary stop notice, the council aims to safeguard the heritage of the site and ensure that any work carried out is in compliance with the necessary regulations and guidelines.

The actions taken by West Lindsey District Council, including the issuance of the temporary stop notice and the inspection of the site, demonstrate the council’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of the local community.

By closely monitoring the progress of the work and ensuring compliance with regulations, the council plays a vital role in upholding the principles of responsible and sustainable development. The council’s continued engagement with the Home Office and their commitment to preserving heritage assets reflect their dedication to serving the best interests of the community.

Many people in Lincoln and near Lincoln are angry at the Government using Lincolnshire as a dumping ground for those coming from France which is a safe country to the UK.

It is not just those living in Lincoln who are angry. Small business owners in Skegness are fed up with the Government taking over hotels and housing migrants. They believe the lack of hotels and the reputation Skegness has a home to migrants is damaging their businesses and putting people off from visiting the popular seaside resort.


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