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Cleethorpes Beachcomber Caravan Owners Worried After Man Forced Off Site

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  • Management at Cleethorpes Beachcomber Caravan Park have told a popular caravan owner he needs to leave the site or upgrade after his caravan was deemed too old.


Steven Richardson who has been on the popular Cleethorpes caravan park for more than 25 years was shocked when the new owners told him his caravan was too old. He was given the option of either upgrading, moving the caravan off site, or selling it to a trader.

When he was told the news, Steven, 56, from Leeds said he was left devastated. He said when he purchased his caravan there was no mention of an age limit. He claims that when he purchased the caravan, he was told that there was no age limit and as long as the caravan was maintained and tidy it could stay on site.

Now, Steven Richardson feels shocked after he was told he had to sell his 15-year-old caravan for just £2,000. He originally paid £18,000 for it.

As well as only being paid £2,000 for his caravan which would be worth a lot more through a private sale, Steven is being forced to pay £400 disconnection fee.

Steven said he was informed in March of this year that he tenancy would run out in April of next year and there was no option of it being renewed.

He said there was no such rule when he purchased the caravan, and that rule has only been introduced by the new owners.

When news broke that the Beachcomber caravan park was being sold, caravan owners on the park were worried about the future. When they found out that the popular Cleethorpes caravan park was being sold to Away Resorts, many were even more worried.

It now seems that worry has become a reality, especially for Steven who is determined to warn others about buying a caravan on the Cleethorpes caravan park.

Steven is determined to let as many people know as possible about his situation to make sure no one else has to go through what he has gone through.

Since the news came to light that Steven would have to leave the Beachcomber Holiday Park, other caravan owners on the park have contacted Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle expressing their worry for the future.

Carole Keeble from the Holiday Park Action Group has expressed her sadness at the way Steven Richardson has been treated.

Her action group was set up to help clean up the caravan industry and to stop such actions taking place. She has asked all caravan owners on the Beachcomber site who are worried about their future to visit her action group and express their concerns.

Away Resorts, who recently took over the Cleethorpes Beachcomber Holiday Park, said: “Mr Richardson’s License Agreement tenure period expires in early 2022 and he has decided to sell his home to a trader. At the end of the tenure period caravan owners have the following options:

 To Part Exchange the Holiday Home and be issued with a new 15 Year Licence Agreement

  Move the Holiday Home off park to another site

  Sell the Holiday Home to a Trader

caravan owners in skegness win fight
(Image: Stuart Allen)

This is a very similar situation to what is happening in Skegness, where caravan owners have been told once there caravan becomes a certain age it must be removed from site.


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