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S Club’s Dispute with Hannah Spearritt

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Shock as the remaining members of S Club told not to talk to Hannah Spearritt

S Club Seven are set to tour but two members will be missing. Fans are shocked that Hannah Spearritt will not be joining the tour with claims of a huge fallout.

In April, just weeks before Paul Cattermole death, S Club Seven had announced their plans to tour the country, commemorating their 25 years together. The untimely passing of Paul Cattermole, a beloved member of S Club, had cast a shadow over the band’s future.

The loss of Paul added an extra layer of complexity to their reunion plans, as they grappled with grief while trying to move forward. The remaining members—Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Jon Lee, Rachel Stevens, and Tina Barrett—have been mourning their dear friend and bandmate, united in their grief.

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Fans of S Club 7 who captured the hearts of millions in the late 90s and early 2000s, thought the tour would be cancelled with the loss of Paul Cattermole, and according to reports, Hannah Spearritt thought the tour was not going ahead. However, it seems she and the fans got it wrong.

It was a surprising turn of events when S Club unveiled their reunion tour plans as a five-piece on social media, leaving Hannah Spearritt out of the picture.

S Club Fight

According to insiders, S Club 7 Hannah Spearritt was excluded from the tour and now band members have been told not to communicate with her.

Sources close to Hannah claim the singer who dated late S Club 7 bandmate Paul Cattermole was completely unaware of the alleged snub and was shocked to find out through social media of the tour as a five piece. The news blindsided her, leading her to seek legal advice.

During an interview about their upcoming tour, the remaining members of S Club addressed Hannah’s absence. Jon Lee acknowledged that it was a conversation for Hannah to have but emphasized that the door is always open for her to join in the future.

S Club fighting

Tina Barrett added that nothing bad had occurred, and everyone simply needed their own space. However, recent revelations suggest a different story, pointing to an alleged rift between Hannah and the rest of the band.

Insiders claim that there is little to no chance of Hannah making an appearance in the reunion tour due to the alleged bad blood among the group. According to a source, Hannah is devastated and feels pushed out without understanding why.

It is further alleged that the rest of S Club has been instructed not to contact her directly. The source goes on to reveal that Hannah was “binned” following disagreements with S Club creator Simon Fuller. While the other band members quickly signed their tour contracts, Hannah reportedly took her time and raised objections to certain details.

The source also claims that Hannah was unaware of S Club’s relaunch as a five-piece until the social media announcement.

S Club revealed in an interview that Paul’s family has given their blessing for the remaining members to continue with the tour. They shared that they feel Paul’s spirit with them, even claiming to have experienced his presence while filming a video for their new single.

Following Paul’s death, it was confirmed that he had passed away from natural causes. No inquest into his death was deemed necessary. However, Dorset Police, who discovered Paul’s body on April 6, stated that their inquiries were still ongoing.


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