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Mrs. Brown Boys Christmas Special Could Be A Turnoff

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Each year millions of viewers turn on their TV to watch the Mrs. Brown Boys Christmas special. However, this year could be different, and the Mrs. Brown Boys Christmas special could be hit with protests.

Mrs. Browns Creator Brendan O’Carroll has come under fire after two of its stars Gary Hollywood and Damien McKiernan left the show. It was reported that the two stars left after it was revealed other cast members, mainly family were paid more than Gary and Damien.

Gary Hollywood and Damien McKiernan have not commented on the story or the rumours of the toxic working environment behind the scenes. The two stars have shown their professionalism by keeping quiet while Brendan O’Carroll has come under fire for not commenting.

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The once favourite TV star has quickly fell from grace with viewers who have called for an end to the TV show. Many viewers have said they watch the show not just for the comedy value but also because they believe it is a unique group of family and friends bringing viewers laughter. This myth has now been blown with the rumours of a toxic working environment where it has been alleged that Brendan O’Carroll looks after his family first and does not treat everyone as an equal.

One fan remarked on the fourth coming Mrs. Brown Christmas special, “Brendan O’Carroll has always come across as a nice guy, but it seems that the nice guy image is just for show. I won’t be watching the show and will no longer go to the stage shows.”

bbc xmas mrs brown boysMrs. Brown’s Boys stars have tried to shrug off backstage drama as they reunite for a Christmas special. With the hit BBC One show scandal, the positive PR that the BBC and Brendan O’Carroll are trying to send out is not working, and this years Christmas special could be a flop.

If the fans do revolt over the shocking treatment of two of its biggest stars, this could result in the show being rested for the foreseeable future.

With the refusal of Brendan O’Carroll to apologize for the way Gary Hollywood and Damien McKiernan have been treated, many PR experts have said this could be his biggest mistake. Time will only tell if the show will survive, but one thing is for sure, the brand of Mrs. Brown Boys has been damaged and so has Brendan O’Carroll nice guy image

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