Common Problems Women Have With Their Sex Drive

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Problems Women Have With Sex Drive

Low libido in women is a widespread occurrence. According to varying surveys, 38-43% of women are reported to experience a fall in sexual desire at one point or another. Low libido doesn’t necessarily count for sexual dysfunction in women. In fact, most of these women do not have any difficulty in performing sexual activity. Rather, they simply can’t compel themselves to get into bed in the first place.


Why does this happen? Let’s examine some causes and how can low libido in women be treated.


Physical Factors


Let us start with the physical physiological factors that can result in low libido in women.

  • Alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Hormonal irregularity
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Anaemia
  • Diseases like diabetes or high-blood pressure

A small number of women also experience a condition known as hyperprolactinaemia. In this condition, the pituitary gland (also known as “the master gland”) becomes hyper active.


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Emotional Factors

This is easy to understand. When women are feeling down, they will naturally lose interest in intimacy. Stress is the leading psychological cause of low libido in women. Work-related stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety also damage your bedroom activities.

Secondly, issues between couples also result in women losing interest in sexual activity. This can be either due to low self-esteem or misunderstandings and suspicions between partners. Moreover, if conditions at home are complex, then women will be distracted from their natural sexual desires.

Finally, victims of sexual abuse are highly traumatized and they find it impossible to engage in or enjoy sexual activity.


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Seeking Help

Unless you consider low libido to be a good thing (for instance, as a break away from sex addiction), you should seek help about your condition. Of course, if you are reading this article, it implies that you are troubled by your falling sex drive and want some advice.

The problem is that social norms inhibit women from seeking help for their sexual problems. The good news is that there are a lot of ways in which conditions like low libido can be treated.


Sex Therapy

Sex therapy under a qualified counselor can help explore the source of the problem. Such sessions can help you understand all the things that trigger sexual desire, include varying techniques for love making.



Currently there is no equivalent for drugs like Viagra for women. However, consulting with a medical practitioner can help you determine if the source of low libido are prescribed drugs. For example, anti-depressants are known to hinder sexual desire in women.


Hormone Replacement

Hormone imbalance also inhibits women’s sexual desires, and that is why hormone therapy is a viable cure for low libido in women. Estrogen pills can be used to regulate hormone levels in the body. In addition, vaginal creams can also be used to improve blood flow to the sex organs. 


Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements like maca root and ginseng can help improve libido, as well as hormonal balance in the body. Maca root, for instance, is available in pill form as well as liquid extracts and can be used a libido enhancer for women.


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Lifestyle Changes

Finally and most importantly, to ensure normal sex drive, you have to make effective lifestyle changes. Herbal supplements and hormones alone cannot help you permanently. Try to resolve conflicts with your loved ones in order to stay stress free.

Incorporate a healthy diet and also try to exercise regularly.  Meditation and massages are also highly effective techniques to keep stress levels in check and maintain a proper blood flow. By doing all these things, you will develop positive feelings about yourself that will ultimately reflect on your love life.