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Technology Innovator Award Winners CodeCoda Talk About Winning Their Award

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CodeCoda is an Advanced Software Development company located in Europe with over 150 Software Engineers. The company specializes in Fintech & Financial Services, AI/ML, Big Data, Gaming, Gambling, and Mobile App Development and is no stranger to winning awards. They have just won their latest award, The Technology Innovator Award, which the company’s big boss labeled as a team effort.

Being a trusted partner of over 300 organizations around the globe, CodeCoda has become one of the leading experts in their field. One vital service they provide is mobile app development. They have built apps that have helped businesses of all sizes to transform the way they do business. Some of their apps have helped companies of all sizes increase their revenue and provide a quicker and simplified solution for their customers to purchase products and services.

Although there are 5.15 billion mobile devices in the world, $601.75 billion was spent online in the U.S., and £106.46 billion in the UK, CodeCoda —who have offices in Berlin, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, Plovdiv and Sofia, Bulgaria—don’t believe that every business needs a mobile app.

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CodeCoda has not only established itself as one of the biggest names in the I.T. industry, but it has also become one of the most trusted. They are known for offering a first-class service and achieving the vision of their clients.

We decided to sit down with the team at CodeCoda and find out what makes them tick and how they felt about winning the award.



  1. For those who have never heard of CodeCoda Ltd, can you explain what you do?

That is quite easy. We revolutionize the software industry by providing what we call an extremely agile version of a “customer-centric” software development approach. CodeCoda itself, as an organization, is built on what we call a “tribes’ culture,” which allows us to leverage the best in people. Worth mentioning is also that people play an essential role inside the organization, and the way from even the new programmer to C-Level executives is pretty much open 24/7. The same goes for our customers. It is never too late; it is never the weekend. We are always there for our clients, which we regard as being part of our family.
I believe that Software is something very personal. We build Software for humans, not machines. As thus, humans always come first!

  1. You have just won an award; can you tell me more about that?

Sure, the Technology Innovator Award is given to companies who have produced or participated in innovative software development. One of our recent projects, which just launched some months ago, is the key to innovation in the Health and Beauty industry, and really nice addition to make an industry COVID-19 proof, as doctors and patients can connect remotely, which allows taking out going to a doctors practice. Doctors have various ways of communicating with their patients, reaching up to one-on-one video calls. Also, the whole patient history is kept, and you can even receive prescriptions through the platform in remote locations. This innovation, which is currently launched in Ireland, will soon be available in the U.K. and other European countries as well.

  1. There was a lot of strong competition for the 2020 Technology Innovator Award, so why do you think you won it?
    I think innovation depends on the industry you innovate in. If we had done some extraordinary development, like back in 2018, where we were in the Top 30 A.I. companies, this wouldn’t have the same result. It is a matter of the impact of an application that is recognized.
  2. You build mobile apps, how have mobile apps advanced since the first mobile app in 1997?
    A lot. Since then, Mobile Phones are more potent than the computing power available to shoot the first man to the moon. Nowadays, mobile applications are not just helpers but allow to remote control your home, your washing machine, or even order a custom coffee from a vending machine.
  3. Why is it essential for a business to have a mobile app?
    Saying that every business needs a mobile app is not right. It depends on the industry the market is in. So, for example, an eCommerce company should have a mobile store version available. Why? Because it is about filling all sales channels available. Businesses can – for business work – always use productivity apps, which is applied and called BYOD or in plain English, “Bring your own device,” which helps businesses reduce hardware costs and avoids employees having multiple devices. Software-wise, any business that runs an active, end-client focused business (B2C) should really have an app available.
    Native Mobile Apps, however, are just one topic. PWA (Progressive Web App) Technology is nowadays available, imitating near-native capabilities. Depending on the size of the business, PWAs can be more cost-effective for companies to develop.
  4. There are 5.15 billion mobile devices in the world, and $601.75 billion was spent online in the U.S. and £106.46 billion in the U.K. So why are there still only a small percentage of businesses that have a mobile app?
    Simple answer. Businesses have not understood the need for mobile applications. It is especially hard, e.g., brick and mortar businesses, to understand the electronic commerce world. As thus, stakeholders find it hard to adjust to the ever-changing world. Digitalization is the keyword here.
  5. Why is it essential for a business to have an app?

As I mentioned previously, it is either adjust or die. We always suggest our clients cover all possible distribution channels ranging from the web over PWA to Mobile Apps. We cannot stress enough that it is vital to be found wherever your customers are, and they are literally everywhere.  

  1. More people are buying on the go, so how can business owners take advantage of that?
    It all starts with the will and understanding that our economy is changing. How people do things in the traditional sense is changing. Many business owners, specifically those coming from high street stores, must understand that, in the broader sense, eCommerce is not any different than their physical stores. What do I mean by that? Just bringing your products online does not help. So, the investment in “decorating” your store to make it attractive must happen in eCommerce in precisely the same manner. Think that there are nine billion web pages online now, and all of them are competing to sell similar products. Attractiveness is fundamental, multichannel sales, user experience are all factors that come into play when building online sales presences.   
  2. When looking to develop an app for a business, what process do you go through before it is launched?
    It would be too complex to explain the whole process. In bullet points, it all starts with a proper business analysis, which profoundly investigates the company, the products, or services on sale. The Business Specifications are then translated into Functional Requirements. This data helps User Interface and User Experience designers to create the visuals, and Software Engineers to build the underlying code. Generally, we work on a CI/CD basis; this means, launch early, continue development, and deploy. I forgot to mention an extensive Q.A. process aforehand implementing it to end-customers. It is critical that anything used by clients is bug-free and working to specifications.
    Some clients prefer to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first. This allows them to adjust later versions based on hard data acquired from the first users of a platform, or digital product in general.
    Overall, the process relies a lot on the data acquisition of the enterprise, and accurate data. It becomes a lot harder to develop business applications if not all facts are presented (or discovered) aforehand.
  3. As well as designing a mobile app, you also build and develop websites, do you believe that the COVID-19 has helped business owners see how important a website is?
    This question heavily depends on the region you are referring to. Generically yes. Business owners see the need to build – or modernize – a web presence. Do not forget that many current websites were built in the early 2000s, as thus do not comply with modern standards like Mobile-friendliness). So, it is also not enough to have a web presence; it needs to be accessible by modern users, namely smartphone users.
  4. So, can we see those business owners who believed they didn’t need a website or a mobile app come into the modern technology age?
    We live in the middle of a digital revolution. As mentioned earlier, businesses should consult with respective experts to find which solution is right for them. Not every solution works for every business. Secondly, and I believe the preventive subject when it comes to digitalization and modernization of businesses is cost. We at CodeCoda work on an extremely transparent cost model, which allows business owners to really follow the effort undertaken by our teams. Logically we always try to work as cost-effective as humanly possible without compromising the result.
  5. You have some of the most skilled web development teams in the industry, if someone wanted to come and work for you what skills would they need?
    That is a simple and very tricky question at the same time. There are two types of people, the ones with formal education, and the other ones who are self-taught. What we are looking for when hiring staff is one critical criterion: they must fit into the team. That is why the final decision is always with the team. Our Multi-Stage interview process focuses on three skeletons: knowledge, team fit, and finally, the will to learn and evolve.
    We live and work in an industry where knowledge is everything. Every six months there is a change, and besides that, something new on the market. To find the best technological fit for our clients, we need to know what is available, how it functions, and what the key benefits are to our customers.
    Life-Long-Learning is a crucial skill you need to bring. Else, you are rewarded with a cool team, many benefits not broadly found in our industry, and above all, a lot of fun. I do believe that we spend at least 8 hours a day working. Every hour counts, so let’s make this hour innovative and fun.
  6. Is there an award out there that you would like to win?
    There is. For the regions we are mainly active in, that is Germany, UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, and the U.S., I’d like to be listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500. We experience a year over year growth of 300-400% over the past four years, which qualifies us to participate.

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About CodeCoda

I.T. Veterans established CodeCoda. Its CEO is Dr. Andreas Maier – an enthusiastic professional and phenomenal person. The company headquarters are in Dublin. CodeCoda provides an innovative global I.T., BPO service, e-commerce solutions, and advanced software development. They work with each size of businesses to enhance their growth by providing the best customer services. They have achieved dozens of awards so far from the many renowned national and international brands. The Technology Innovator Award — CodeCoda’s latest achievement — strengthens its structure and encourages their team to seek even more innovations and accomplishments.




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