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An Increase In Child-To-Parent Violence During Lockdown

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A study has reported a ‘significant increase’ in child-to-parent violence during the lockdown.


A shocking study that will send shivers down parent’s spine has found the number of parents that have been violently attacked by their children has increased during the lockdown.

Oxford Professor of Criminology, Rachel Condry, and Dr. Caroline Miles, a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Manchester, launched a study to see how many parents have been experiencing violence from their children during the COVID-19 lockdown. The results of that study have now been released.

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According to the study, 70% of parents who had previously been subjected to violent attacks reported an increase in the number of times they suffered violence at the hands of their children during the lockdown.

It was not just parents who suffered violent attacks. It was also found that social professionals had reported an increase in violent behaviour.

Those who took part in the study believed the pressure of lockdown caused their children to be more violent. Parents surveyed believe that the pressure of being confined to the home had contributed to their children being more violent.

kids attack parents covid 19Due to the lockdown, parents had to seek remote help instead of face to face help. The study found that parents due to the pandemic were reluctant to call for help.

One parent explained, “I wouldn’t want to call the police as the danger is far greater from the virus…he would be vulnerable in police cell…Before it was hard enough to call the police thinking of the usual consequences, but you could be potentially sentencing your child to death by reporting violence.”

Nineteen police forces who were asked about the study said they had seen a slight decline in the number of violent attacks reported by parents

In a series of recommendations, the report by Rachel Condry, and Dr. Caroline Miles, calls for increased planning and support from central government and local authorities, to prevent young people being criminalised and families being left to cope alone, if there is ever a return to lockdown.

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