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Introducing Package Pally: The Ultimate Solution for Package Protection and Security

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Caribbean Inventor, Raymond Sylvester James, Innovative Portable Container for Secure Package Delivery

Raymond Sylvester James, an inventive mind hailing from the beautiful twin Caribbean Islands of Trinidad & Tobago, invented a groundbreaking device, named Package Pally. This portable, lockable, cut-resistant, and weatherproof container is designed to safeguard packages delivered to your home, ensuring their protection until you retrieve them.

Package Pally

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James, who experienced the frustration of a stolen package himself, was inspired to create Package Pally during his time as a college student in Jacksonville, Florida.

Motivated by the need for a reliable solution to combat package theft, he embarked on a journey that led to the development of this revolutionary invention.

Raymond Sylvester James


Package Pally is now available for purchase on James’ official website,, as well as on & merchandise is available at The versatile design of Package Pally allows it to be easily attached to any door, garage, or porch using the included brackets and anchors. With the additional option to equip it with a camera, alarm, lock, and light, Package Pally provides enhanced security for your valuable deliveries.

Package Pally


One of the standout features of Package Pally is its ability to accept packages from various carriers, including Amazon, FedEx, and UPS, all while staying securely locked. The container is intelligently designed, featuring a slot for letters and envelopes, an upper compartment for smaller packages, and a lower larger compartment for bigger packages. Whether you need to protect online orders of groceries, electronics, or medicine, Package Pally is your reliable companion.

James’ unwavering dedication to his invention is evident through his meticulous process. The first prototype of Package Pally was created in his own garage, showcasing the genuine passion and resourcefulness behind its development. Recognizing the uniqueness and potential of his creation, James applied for a patent, which was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Package Pally targets the growing market of online shoppers concerned about the security of their packages. With its seamless integration into the daily lives of consumers, this innovative solution is set to bring peace of mind and convenience to households worldwide.

For more information about Package Pally and to make a purchase, please visit Join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #PackagePally and #SecureDeliveries.

Media Contact:

Raymond Sylvester James Email: [email protected]

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