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HolyGames launches Binance exchange-based blockchain PvP Battle Arena for Global Online Gamers.

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HolyGames, the blockchain-based PvP online battle arena platform has raised [$720,000,000] in a HolyGames token (HLG) presales and is scheduled to launch the service on the 1st of December, 2021.

HolyGames, the PvP online battle arena platform will let gamers play online PvP battles freely, earning real value by winning the PvP battle. In the $21.1 billion-plus online gaming market, only about 4,000 of the millions of gamers are able to profit from their gaming skills and time spent on gaming, the company said. Now, it wants to open up that opportunity to all gamers.

Right now, the game universe only exists on a virtual platform, and the game points, that provide such fame and in-game benefits each gamer earned, whether gamers’ skill is good or bad, are not easy to monetize. Only a handful number of professional gamers are truly rewarded with the actual value from small-scale esports events, or from major contestant events.

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HolyGames states that they understand exactly what is lacking in the current online gaming universe and they are dedicated to building an ecosystem that can reward everyday gamers, free from the control of game developers or the online game service provider. Billion dollars of revenues are created by the online games but general gamers are completely excluded from any share, except limited profits generated from game item trade-in which is also controlled by the online game service provider.

“With HolyGames, gamers will be able to participate online PvP battle between gamers all over the world. We are utilizing blockchain technology to act as a virtual battle arena for global gamers. Every gamer will be able to purchase HLG from our platform and participate in online PvP battles with battle entry stakes. The winning player will collect the entire stake, after a small commission to HolyGames. With the collected entire stake, gamers can enter another battle, or they can exchange to USD without limitation. It will be an exceptionally thrilling moment for everyday gamers like you.” said HolyGames founder and CEO Jack Park.

HolyGames will also benefit game developers and publishers by extending the lifespan of the existing game. HolyGames platform will help contain existing gamers to stay in the game, who want to fully engage their gaming skills acquired from thousands of hours of playtime. It will also effectively attract gamers to newly launched games by giving every newcomer the opportunity to win and be rewarded without getting dominated by the old gamers.

HolyGames also states that the company will expand the volume of HLG issuance periodically, by reinvesting 50% of commissions earned. This will contribute to HLG’s value increase, continuously. Jack states that “It is our duty to recompense to our early investors and it will advance HolyGames’ goal to be listed in the Binance, under BEP20.”

Germany-based company is currently preselling HGL from HolyGames website ( and will run through 20th of August, 2021. A total of 7.2 billion HGL will be supplied, and 720 million HGL is subject to current presale. The battle platform will be available for general gamers on 1st of December, 2021. StarCraft and the League of Legends will be the premier titles available for PvP, and the company will continuously expand the game titles.

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