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Globel Mall is the ideal e-commerce marketplace for online retailers

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More than 2.14 billion people shopped online in 2021. Over 27% of the world’s population bought products online that year. With so many people shopping online today, it is unlikely a company or business will survive unless they set up their very own website and web store. 

Billions of dollars are spent on products online from books to home decor, electronics to automobiles. Online shopping has become ubiquitous, and many people look online to make purchases before considering alternatives. 

Why should you sell online at Globel Mall?

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If you aren’t selling your products online, then you are losing money. An online store enables you to reach customers from all corners of the globe rather than just individuals locally. You may not have the first idea about how to set up an online store, but a lack of IT knowledge doesn’t have to prevent you from making money by selling products over the Internet.

Globel Mall is the ideal e-commerce marketplace for you to sell your products. Globel Mall is an online e-commerce platform that allows partners to set up their very own web stores. You can sell your products through the Globel Mall website, enabling millions of potential customers to explore your brand.

The website offers five different packages to users. You can select from the free package, business per month package, business account shop, business per year, or business per year pro. Each package is designed to fit a user’s specific needs. You will be able to market your products to clients around the world and increase your profit potential. 

The benefits of selling online through Globel Mall

Selling products online allows you to provide lower prices than selling them from a brick-and-mortar store. By selling online, you have fewer payments going out and more coming in. Research has found that 70% of customers shop online for less expensive products. 

Another benefit to selling online is the amount of money you receive in revenue. You will earn 100% of the revenue from the products you sell, as you won’t have to pay third parties. In addition, you won’t need to raise prices to help pay your store’s rent. Globel Mall offers a low price to start a store and sell your products. You can even set up a free store to showcase your offerings to customers. 

Starting an online store can be expensive and time-consuming. You may need to hire a web designer if you have little experience with HTML. However, working with Globel Mall ensures you can start your web store and begin selling to customers right away through the online portal. 

Globel Mall’s platform is set up and established. All you need to do is to sign-up, upload your products to the website, and sit back and relax. You can build your brand and add more products to sell over time. Once your items are live on the website, you can use social media to drive even more traffic to the Globel Mall store. 

Whether you are selling clothing, home decor, electronics, baby products, or something else, you have the chance to work with an established e-commerce platform to reach more customers. 

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