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Gambler Shiba Announces Massive 50m Mc Giveaway

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Gshiba is launching an unprecedented 50M MC giveaway, sending shockwaves through the gambling and crypto currency community.

Gambler Shiba (GSHIBA), the world-renowned crypto gambling website, has announced their head-turning 50M MC giveaway this week. The giveaway, expected to take the gambling and crypto world by storm, is slated to distribute approximately $200,000 in prizes. This event is considered one of the biggest of its kind and is expected to attract participants from around the globe.

“As a community-driven project, we wanted to give back by doing something truly big and special,” said Gshiba Business Senior Executive, Eyad Badr. “That’s why this giveaway is unlike anything anyone has seen in the gambling and crypto currency space.”

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The 50M MC giveaway’s top prize is a brand new Mercedes AMG G-63, the highly sought-after luxury G-class SUV known for its performance and aesthetic beauty. Second place will receive $20,000 of any stable coin of their choosing, third $15,000, fourth $10,000, and fifth place receives $5,000 of any stable coin of their choosing. The giveaway requires only a 2ETH minimum buy on Uniswap V2, and a minimum of 50M MC must be sustained for 72 hours.

Selling disqualifies participants from the lottery.

“We promised our community that we would deliver something that would essentially change the game,” added Badr. “That’s exactly what we did with this staggering giveaway,”

This event comes on the heels of Gshiba’s listing on FEG Exchange V2, the mammoth and advanced cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, GSHIBA has also recently been listed on Hotbit, Coinsbit, and CoinTiger. Their fast rise in the gambling and crypto sector is due, in part, to their commitment to their community, and their unique tier-based gambling system, where benefits are given to users based on ETH amount and not solely based on token amount.


About Gambler Shiba

Gambler Shiba (GSHIBA) is the world’s first community oriented, gambling token dispensing even-handed rewards to holders based on their commitment to GSHIBA. They provide a tiered gambling system where more rewards are given to participants in higher tiers. In addition, the more ETH acquired by participants, including their GSHIBA holdings, the higher the tier they can enter. For more information, visit

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