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Encouraging New Research Offers Hope To Sufferers Of Painful Knee Osteoarthritis

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Special stem-cell injections give relief to hundreds of patients in UK trials.

The use of stem cells has emerged as a novel treatment for multiple difficult medical conditions, including osteoarthritis. The disease occurs when cartilage breaks down, causing friction in the joint.  It can generally affect any joint in the body causing pain, swelling and stiffness.  The disease famously affects hips and knees which are usually treated with joint replacement surgery.

Now, in a multidisciplinary approach, hundreds of UK patients are taking part in unique medical trials. The results to date are very promising.  The idea was a collaboration between scientist Professor Richard Webb, and Jordanian Dr. Hany Abu Farsakh, a specialist in regenerative medicine and reconstruction surgery.

The research included 179 patients from south-east London, who were suffering knee osteoarthritis and booked for total knee surgery with a waiting period of more than 90 days. Dr.Abu-Farsakh said: “This is a breakthrough when we consider the difficulty of treating joints with severe osteoarthritis without replacement surgery. Treating these advanced cases with intra-articular injections was not even an option.”

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Sufferers Of Painful Knee Osteoarthritis

These ‘day-case’ outpatient injections form part of a 6-week treatment protocol, and patients will be monitored for five years before full results are published.  Satisfaction rates are impressive at 90%, and two thirds of the patients decided to be taken off the operation list. The stem-cell knee injections are followed by 6-weeks of carefully tailored dietary and lifestyle changes, supplements and physiotherapy.

Dr Abu-Farsakh added: “The results will be officially published once the follow-up trial period concludes.  As a specialist in regenerative medicine and joints reconstruction surgery, these early results are extremely exciting for me and my colleagues.”

Patient satisfaction is equally encouraging, with significant improvement in pain scores, quality of life, returning to activity and improvements in range of motion.

knee osteoarthritis treatment

This is a major breakthrough in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, and the findings offer new hope to the millions of people who suffer from this condition. The stem-cell injections are safe and effective, and they provide a much-needed alternative to the current treatments.

If you or someone you know suffers from knee osteoarthritis, talk to your doctor about the possibility of getting stem-cell injections. This new treatment offers hope for a better quality of life to all those who suffer from this painful and debilitating condition.

For more details, contact Dr. Hany Abu Farsakh at [email protected] or WhatsApp at 00962799097061.

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