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Police Investigate More Victims Of Abuse Against Grimsby Football Coach

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  • Two more victims come forward with abuse allegations against former Grimsby football coach, Geoffrey Douglas Broome


Humberside Police have confirmed that two more victims have come forward claiming they were abused by Grimsby Football Coach, Geoffrey Douglas Broome.

The new victims have spoken to police and have made similar abuse allegations against Geoffrey Douglas Broome to those of that he was arrested and jailed for.

In April 2021, the former Grimsby Football Coach was jailed for four years. Some claimed that the jail sentence was far too short, and he should have received triple that sentence.

If Broome is convicted of more offences against young boys, then he could be behind bars for many years to come.

The former Grimsby Football Coach was jailed for multiple offences of indecent assault against young boys between 1991 and 1995, with three of those victims being under the age of 14.

Humberside Police have confirmed they have investigated the new allegations against Broome, 62, but have not brought any new charges against him at this stage.

Detective Chief Inspector Al Curtis said: “Upon thorough investigation, we are unable to charge Mr Broome on either count.

“The Broome case has been an extensive investigation spanning nearly five years and thousands of pages of testimonies.

“It is always our aim, and our priority, to provide victims of crime with the best possible service and our officers are always looking to improve and continuously learn.

“I want to take this opportunity to say that we will pursue offenders no matter how long ago the offending took place.

“While the case is now closed, we will have no hesitation reopening it if further victims come forward.”

The former football coach worked for Grimsby Town and Scunthorpe United, as well as amateur teams in the area.



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