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Alexa Can Help Save Lives

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Last year Lawlor Technologies, a software development firm in Glasgow, developed an Alexa add-on that gives step-by-step instructions on how to give C.P.R. accompanied with a 120 beats per minute audio track to follow. This can be done by downloading the Alexa Skill and asking “Alexa, how do I give C.P.R.”

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Chris, Founder of Lawlor Technologies, came up with the idea in 2018 when at home in Motherwell thinking about how home assistants such as Alexa and Google Home will play a key part in emergency situations in the future household. He said, “Alexa devices are installed in hundreds of millions of homes throughout the world and it is so easy to ask Alexa questions or help and get an instant response.”

Last week a paramedic posted about the Alexa C.P.R. skill on Facebook to raise awareness that it exists. Her post went viral reaching millions of people. Over a few days it has been installed in over 90,000 homes throughout the UK. Chris says, “It’s purpose is for educational use. It may never get used in a real-world scenario, but the fact that over 90,000 people have tried it out and now know how to give C.P.R I feel is a huge positive. In a real world situation, you should always phone emergency services first, which we immediately highlight to the user when they ask Alexa how to perform C.P.R.”


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When speaking about further development of it, Chris said, “Amazon reached out to me last week when it appeared on their radar, asking me if I could make some changes such as adding new commands. I am happy to continue developing the Alexa skill further and hopefully form a partnership with the NHS so that it is regularly updated with their most recent guidelines.”


Features and benefits of the Alexa C.P.R Skill include:

• Alexa is installed in many homes throughout the UK
• It gives clear step-by-step CPR instructions
• It plays a 120 beats per minute audio track to give user clear indication of chest compression rhythm
• It is free to use

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