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ACKLO Is Changing The Advertising World With Huge Success Rates

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When we think about advertising, we never think about the impact advertising can have on our planet. From trees being cut down to pay for leaflet advertising, to the amount of electricity used in advertising campaigns. It’s important for businesses to get their brands, products and services noticed, but it’s also important for them to do it in a responsible way that won’t damage the world we live in. One company that is changing the advertising world is ACKLO.

ACKLO is not just making headlines for the great results they provide their clients, they are also turning heads by doing it in a positive way that reduces the negative impact on the planet. The company that was Co-founded by Christina Kwon is hoping their new approach to advertising and marketing solutions will encourage others to look at how they conduct their business and how they can reduce the negative impact that it has on the planet.

We decided to sit down with the Co-founder of ACKLO and learn more about their business and their approach to advertising solutions, this is what they had to say.

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  1. First of all please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Christina Kwon, CEO & Co-founder of Eco Advance ACKLOSSOONDA &ACKLOMETA, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the advertising industry by providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. With a background in service design and design for governance I have been working on advertising technologies for the Earth and the sustainable environment since 2020.

  1. You have said that your company provides a new era in advertising, what do you mean by that?

By a new era in advertising, we mean creating an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to advertising that prioritizes social responsibility and positive impact. We combine cutting-edge technologies like IoT, 5G, big data, and AI with universal design philosophy to create efficient digital signage advertising systems, renewable devices, and transmission systems that contribute to a virtuous cycle structure. Our mission is to bridge the digital gap, making advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes while reducing carbon emissions.

  1. How important is advertising to a small business?

Advertising is crucial for small businesses as it helps them gain visibility, attract new customers, and build brand awareness. However, traditional advertising methods can be expensive and may not be easily accessible for small businesses. Our platform aims to provide an affordable and eco-friendly advertising solution that allows small businesses to reach their target audience effectively while contributing to a sustainable future.

Co-founder of ACKLO

  1. You create efficient digital signage advertising systems, can you explain what you mean by that?

Our digital signage advertising systems use advanced technologies such as IoT, 5G, big data, and AI to create an efficient, eco-friendly advertising platform. These systems replace traditional paper-type advertisements, reducing carbon footprint and resource consumption. The signage systems are also designed to collect valuable data for future target marketing and provide a cost-effective advertising solution for small businesses and individuals.

  1. What services to you provide and how do you rate success?

We offer comprehensive advertising services that include digital signage advertising systems, renewable devices, and transmission systems. Our success is measured by the positive impact we make on the environment, the accessibility of our platform to businesses of all sizes, and the overall satisfaction of our clients.

  1. There are lots of advertising services out there, so why should people come to you to increase their brand awareness?

People should choose Eco Advance ACKLOSSOONDA & ACKLOMETA for their advertising needs because we prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and universal design. Our innovative platform provides affordable and accessible solutions for businesses of all sizes while reducing carbon emissions and making a positive impact on the environment.

  1. You said you are committed to reducing carbon emissions, can you explain how you are doing this?

At Eco Advance ACKLOSSOONDA & ACKLOMETA, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions by revolutionizing the advertising industry and prioritizing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. We replace traditional paper-based advertisements with digital signage advertisements, reducing the carbon footprint by 176kg of CO2 per 4,000 sheets of A4 paper and 220kg per 5,000 sheets. This approach conserves resources such as water, energy, and trees, which are vital for a healthy planet. Additionally, our platform rewards workers who participate in carbon reduction, encouraging further efforts to build a more sustainable global environment. Our systems are designed with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, 5G, big data, and AI, making our digital signage advertising systems and transmission systems efficient and eco-friendly.


  1. What type of customers do you help and how do your prices compare to your competition?

Our target audience includes businesses, individuals, and socially disadvantaged communities who care about the environment and want to make a positive impact on the world. We aim to provide cost-effective advertising solutions by offering a ACKLOSSOONDA platform where even small businesses can participate in sustainable advertising practices at reasonable prices. Our services are designed to be accessible to a wide range of customers, ensuring that even those with limited capital can benefit from our eco-friendly advertising platform.

  1. Can you share an example of how you have helped a client to increase interest in their product and services?

One of our clients, a small sewing factory, participated in our user testing phase for our ACKLOSSOONDA & ACKLOMETA platform. We provided them with an innovative, human-centered advertising solution that allowed them to effectively reach their target audience while minimizing their environmental impact. The factory owner reported that using our platform felt like stepping into the metaverse and that it would change the way the world advertises. Through our platform, the sewing factory could communicate with their neighbors and customers, creating a sustainable environment and promoting their business in an eco-friendly manner.

  1. What does the future hold for your company, where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years, we envision Eco Advance as a leading eco-friendly advertising platform providing innovative solutions for sustainable advertising and infrastructure worldwide. We plan to expand our services beyond South Korea, targeting European countries with diverse industries, autonomy, and various festivals, as our platform has unlimited potential for global application. We also foresee collaborations with other tech ventures to integrate advanced technologies such as vision AI and lightweight batteries into our platform. By continuing to bridge the digital divide and promoting universal design with eco-friendly and barrier-free advertising solutions, we aim to make a significant positive impact on the world and create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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