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Lincolnshire Family Seeks Answers After Tragic Death of Mum-of-Three Laura Barlow

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The family of Laura Barlow, 33, want answers after she died in her husband’s arms on February 5

The tragic misdiagnosis and subsequent death of Laura Barlow have left the Barlow family devastated and searching for answers. They are determined to hold those responsible accountable and raise awareness to prevent others from facing similar circumstances.


A Lincolnshire family not only want answers after the death of “caring and beautiful” mum-of-three Laura Barlow, but they also demand the truth.

The Barlow family of Lincolnshire is demanding answers after Laura Barlow passed away at the age of 33 after being misdiagnosed with endometriosis. It was only weeks later Laura Barlow who leaves behind her husband Mike, three young daughters aged one, two and nine was informed of her actual condition – liver and bowel cancer.

The family is now left questioning why Laura’s cancer was not detected earlier and whether more could have been done to save her life.

Laura Barlow began experiencing severe stomach pains in October 2023, accompanied by blood in her stool. Seeking medical help, Laura visited Stickney Surgery, her local practice, where she was diagnosed with endometriosis.

Laura Barlow family want answers
(Image: Mike Barlow)

She was prescribed medication and scheduled for a doctor’s appointment. However, her pain persisted, and she received a letter in December stating that she would have to wait until February to be seen.

As the pain intensified, Laura fell ill after Christmas, prompting her husband, Mike, to take her to the local surgery. They were advised to go directly to urgent care. At Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, Laura waited for four hours before being seen by a doctor.

Despite being given morphine for pain relief, they were told that nothing could be done as her old doctor was already treating her for endometriosis.

On New Year’s Eve, Laura was once again rushed to A&E. Her sister, Lisa, insisted on further tests, leading to an ultrasound and CT scan on January 2. The results revealed lesions on her liver, and she was put on a two-week pathway.

Despite the urgency, delays in waiting for an endoscopy caused Laura to endure severe pain for several more weeks.

Finally, on February 2, Laura and Mike received devastating news. Laura had cancer in her bowel with 95% coverage of her liver. The family was shattered by this diagnosis, and their last holiday together at Centre Parcs became even more meaningful.

Laura sadly passed away peacefully at home in Mike’s arms on February 5, and the Barlow family believe that if mistakes were not made that Laura could still be alive today.

In the wake of Laura’s tragic death, Mike Barlow is determined to seek answers and hold those responsible accountable. He believes that there were multiple failings in Laura’s case, and changes need to be made to prevent others from going through a similar ordeal. Mike plans to raise awareness in Laura’s name and advocate for face-to-face diagnoses instead of over-the-phone consultations.

Mike said: “There are failings in multiple areas. If bloods were taken earlier, things might have shown up. It’s not going to bring Laura back, but something needs to be done for other people. They’ve got to stop over-the-phone diagnoses. I will keep fighting this until it is sorted. I want to do it for the kids in their mum’s name.

“I hope raising awareness of what happened to Laura can save someone’s life. She was struggling in pain and everyone down the line could’ve helped her. And now I’ve got to bury her. We’ve explained to the children that their mum is with the angels in the sky.”

Mike hopes to meet with the chief executive of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT), Andrew Morgan, to discuss his concerns. While he acknowledges that nothing can bring Laura back, he is determined to ensure that others do not suffer the same fate.

Laura Barlow was a caring and beautiful human being who brought joy to everyone she encountered. She was a devoted mother, and her focus was always on her children. Friends and family remember her infectious smile and warm personality.

In the wake of Laura’s passing, a fundraiser was set up to support the family during this difficult time and give Laura the perfect send-off she deserves. The community rallied together, raising almost £8,000. Additionally, a raffle organized within the community raised £2,000 within 24 hours, highlighting the love and support for the Barlow family.

In a joint statement, a spokesperson for ULHT and Stickney Surgery said: “We would like to offer our deepest condolences to Laura’s family at this difficult time. We are unable to comment on individual cases, however, we are in touch with the family to hear and respond to their concerns and we will do that directly with them as is appropriate.”

This is not the first time mistakes have been made due to the lack of appointments with doctors and this will not be the last. An urgent invistation needs to take place to stop lives being lost from mistakes that could have been avoided.


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