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Boston Lincolnshire Farm Offers £30 an Hour To Pick Broccoli

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  • Lincolnshire Farm offers £30 an hour to pick Broccoli

People are being offered up to £30 an hour to pick broccoli at a Lincolnshire farm in the village of Benington in the borough of Boston

TH Clements and Son are looking for people all-year to pick broccoli at their farm. Those people who do not mind working outdoors could earn up to £ 240 a day and £62,000 a year.

As well as looking for people to pick broccoli, they also want people for other roles including cabbage pickers.

In a post on social media, TH Clements said: “We are looking for Field Operatives to harvest our broccoli. Excellent piecework rates with potential to earn up to £30 per hour and all year round work available.”

There has been a huge shortage of farmhand workers since the UK left the EU. Now, TH Clements and Son has launched the recruitment to fill that shortage.

Robert Newbery, regional director of the National Farmers’ Union, told the Mirror: “Brexit is certainly having an impact.

“The people that could move freely within Europe before now can’t.”

Ranjit Singh Boporan, the owner of Bernard Matthews and the 2 Sisters Food Group, has warned of serious fallout.

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