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Spain Cracks Down on Sunbed Hoggers

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Sunbed Hoggers In Spain Could Be Fined £650

Those who like to hog sunbeds are in for a shock after they could now be fined up to £650.


As the battle for sunbeds rages on across Europe, a new front has emerged in the form of the parasol wars.

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British holidaymakers have endured months of chaos as they jostle for poolside loungers. However, the conflict has now spilled over onto Spain’s picturesque beaches, prompting local authorities to take action.

In a bid to curb the practice of reserving spaces with parasols, hefty fines of up to £650 are being imposed.

The sunbed wars have become a common occurrence in popular holiday destinations around Europe.

Tourists are resorting to extreme tactics to secure the best spots by hotel pools and on the beach. This has led to rising tensions and confrontations among holidaymakers. The situation has become so dire that some establishments have even hired bouncers to maintain order.

In response to the growing problem, Spanish authorities have decided to crack down on beach hoggers. The practice of reserving spaces with parasols has been a major point of contention.

Local authorities, such as the Valencian town of Cullera, have launched campaigns to raise awareness about the prohibition of planting umbrellas early in the morning to secure a spot.

A beach sweep is now conducted daily to remove any unattended possessions, which are then taken to the local police station.

To deter repeat offenders, hefty fines are being imposed on those who persistently reserve spaces on the beach. In Spain, fines can reach up to £650 for leaving parasols unattended to save a spot.

Offenders who re-offend three times within five years could face a staggering penalty of €1,500 (£1,280). This tough approach aims to discourage the selfish behaviour that disrupts the beach experience for other visitors.

While the sunbed wars are not unique to Spain, the country is taking a proactive stance in addressing the issue. It has been highlighted that other European destinations are also grappling with similar problems.

Some places are not only charging for the use of sun loungers but also making it mandatory to consume food and drinks at the establishments providing the loungers. This practice has drawn criticism from tourists and experts alike.

Spanish economist Santiago Nio Becerra has shed light on the situation in other European destinations. He cites the example of Sorrento, a town in Italy, where beachgoers are required to pay €20 per day for a sun lounger and are obligated to dine at the associated bar-restaurant. Similar experiences have been reported by other social media users, with some paying exorbitant prices for a few hours on a deckchair.

The desperation to secure a prime spot on the beach has led to extreme measures being taken by some beachgoers. In Benidorm, locals have been observed setting up their spots in the middle of the night to beat the morning rush.

This phenomenon has been captured on video, highlighting the lengths people are willing to go to claim their territory. In some cases, parents have resorted to using their children to secure empty sunbeds.

To ensure compliance with the new regulations, inspections are being carried out along Spain’s coastline. Almunecar, an area on the coast of Granada, has implemented a series of inspections to monitor beach activities.

This vigilant approach aims to maintain order and prevent the unfair reservation of spaces. Similar measures are being taken in other popular tourist destinations to protect the rights of all beachgoers.

It is hoped this new action will stop people reserving sunbeds and make it easier for everyone to use a sunbed on the beach.

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