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Benidorm Holiday Makers Warned About Hotel Thefts

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Holidaymakers in Benidorm are being warned about money being stolen from hotel rooms

There has been a huge increase in money being stolen from hotel rooms in Benidorm. The hotel thefts are believed to be an inside job by people working within the hotels.


Holidaymakers travelling to Benidorm are being warned not to leave money in their hotel rooms. In recent months there has been a huge increase in the number of thefts from hotel rooms, and hotel management is not interested.

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In the past two months, we have had more than 40 people contact In2Town Today News who have travelled to Benidorm and had money and credit cards stolen from their hotel rooms. This seems to be a growing trend in Benidorm and according to reports, victims believe the thefts are being done by staff working within the hotels.

When hotel receptionists have been made aware of the thefts, the guests are told to report it to the local police. We have been told by several different victims of hotel thefts that the staff at reception are unhelpful and rude.

Susan from Manchester who went to Benidorm for two weeks and has been doing so for the last ten years told In2Town Today News:

“We had two hundred Euros in our room, and it was all taken. We were only out of our room for about an hour having breakfast. When we reported the theft to the hotel receptionist, they were very unhelpful. We were told to report it to the local police station. When we asked if we could see the CCTV footage for our floor, she became very rude and even threatened to kick us out of the hotel and have me and my husband arrested.”

This is not an isolated incident within one hotel. This is happening according to people from Manchester, Grimsby, Birmingham, Skegness, Liverpool, Boston, Lincoln, Stoke, and Chester in all different hotels in Benidorm.

According to the victims who have contacted In2Town Today News, the only items that are being taken from hotel rooms are money and credit cards. When other valuable items have been left in the room such as cameras, they have not been touched.

When guests who have been victims of hotel thefts walk into their rooms, they are not aware they have had items stolen. The thefts are very clever according to one victim. The room looks untouched, but when you go and check your hotel safe, or you check where you have left money in your suitcase, then you know you have been a victim.


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The Stag Man in Benidorm who is a well-known businessman and social media figure has also brought the hotel room thefts to the attention of their followers. In one of his TikTok videos, he revealed that a group of lads went into his bar, Millars in Benidorm, and reported that five of their rooms had money stolen from them.

During the video, The Stag Man says when the lads reported the thefts to the receptionist, the receptionist was unhelpful. He went on to say the lads told him that the receptionist told them to report the thefts to the local police. But, when they asked the receptionist to check the CCTV footage, they were threatened by the receptionist who said she would call the police on them. According to The Stag Man, the receptionist started to scream at the lads and said they would call the police.

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The Stag Man who said there was a national problem went on to say that when other guests heard what the lads were telling the receptionist about the thefts, they also said they had money stolen from their rooms.

The receptionist who was still unhelpful threatened the guests with security and the lads decided to leave the hotel. This is a very common story that is happening in Benidorm at the moment.

The problem which is being ignored by the hotels in Benidorm is now putting off holidaymakers from going to the popular Spanish resort. We have had some victims of hotel thefts say they will never go back to Benidorm. On social media, some people have said until the problem is sorted then they will not visit Benidorm.

Benidorm has always had a problem with pickpockets, but now it seems the problem has moved off the streets into the hotels.

We have contacted the hotels where the thefts have taken place and they have refused to comment.

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