Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison Shows Off Her Slim Body In Tenerife

Reality star Vicky Pattison shows off her new stunning body while on holiday in Tenerife. Vicky, who was on holiday with her best friend Casey Batchelor, had all the lads watching them as they enjoyed their time around the pool.

Vicky Pattison, who has had a falling out with fellow reality star Charlotte Crosby over claims she is trying to copy her with her new slimmer body, was proud to show fellow holidaymakers in Tenerife her new body.

The reality star that is looking for some great Tenerife nightlife and a great suntan, are staying at the Sheraton Hotel. The Sheraton Hotel is a popular hotel for celebrities, although we are sure they do not get many celebrities as stunning as Vicky Pattison.

The lads at the hotel could not keep their eyes off the girls as they enjoyed their time swimming and sunbathing. No matter where they went, they had a large audience of young lads hoping the girls would notice them.

No matter what Charlotte Crosby says, Vicky Pattison is looking hot.


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