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24 Hours In Skegness Lincolnshire

Skegness has been a popular UK holiday destination for decades. It is hugely popular with people from Nottingham, but it’s not just holidaymakers that visit the Lincolnshire seaside resort on the East Coast of England. Lots of people visit Skegness for a day out or visit the resort for 24-hours staying in one of the popular B&B’s. So, we decided to visit Skegness and see what you can do in 24-hours.


  1. Relax on Skegness Beach.


Skegness Beach has won awards over the years for its high level of cleanliness. On a nice warm day, it’s the perfect place to pitch up your deck chair and relax while the kids play in the sand. As with every seaside resort, Skegness has donkey rides available for the kids, giving them a true UK beach experience.


  1. Pleasure Beach Theme Park


Now you are relaxed, how about some excitement. The Pleasure Beach Theme Park may not be as big as Fantasy Island, which is down the road, but it still gives you some thrilling rides. You have choices of different rides for different ages, giving the family a few fun hours.


  1. Fish and Chip Dinner


If you are coming down to Skegness for the day then forget about all the fancy restaurants. What you want when visiting the seaside for the day is a traditional Fish and Chip dinner. There are lots of places in Skegness to grab quality fish and chips including near the clock tower on the corner.


  1. Visit Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Things to do in SkegnessNatureland Seal Sanctuary has become a firm favourite with holidaymakers. It is a great place to see the seals and other animals. You can really get up close and personal with some cute animals including penguins, alpacas, and meerkats. Kids will really love visiting Natureland Seal Sanctuary.


  1. Skegness Pier For Exciting Arcade Games and Slot Machines

skegness pier things to doThe best place in Skegness for Arcade games for people of all ages and slot machines must be Skegness Pier. The pier which first opened in 1881 and which has survived two world wars and a fire can offer the whole family hours of fun. There is every type of arcade game available, and once you have finished playing the slots or the thrilling arcade games then take a walk to the end of the pier and see all the wonderful views.


  1. Have Tea At The Cookhouse Restaurant


The Cookhouse Restaurant on the sea front has only just opened this year and provides some good quality food. The prices are not too bad, but if you want to lower the cost of the bill then download their app and see if they have any special offers on. If you don’t fancy the Skegness Cookhouse Restaurant, then pop next door to KFC.


  1. Skegness Embassy


If you are staying overnight in Skegness, then how about a show at the Skegness Embassy. They have celebrity performers appearing at the theatre a well as popular tribute acts.

There is so much to see and do in Skegness, so if you don’t just fancy staying for 24 hours in Skegness, then how about coming down for the week and staying in one of the holiday parks.


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