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Ingoldmells Residents Ask Where Are The Police

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Ingoldmells has become a dangerous place to live according to residents

Ingoldmells was one of the most popular places to live and visit in Lincolnshire, but now, according to those who live there, it is a dangerous place to live.

Ingoldmells Skegness, a picturesque seaside village located in East Lindsey, Lincolnshire, has long been a favourite destination for holidaymakers. It once attracted holidaymakers from near and far including London, Grimsby, Liverpool, Boston, Lincoln, and Manchester. But now, it is losing its appeal.

The once peaceful streets and vibrant community have fallen victim to a lack of local policing, leaving residents fearful and vulnerable. Reports of alcohol-fuelled yobs causing trouble have become all too common, forcing locals not to leave their homes at night.

Fed-up residents in Ingoldmells have said the lack of a local police station and very rarely seen police officers patrolling the area has left Ingoldmells a no-go zone at night for many. The closest police station is three miles away in Skegness which many believe is the reason for the rising crime in the area.

According to some older residents living in Ingoldmells, the streets have become a playground for binge-drinking yobs, who spend their days consuming cheap lager before unleashing chaos after dark.

Resident Gary Renolds, 68, told the Sun: “The police have their work cut out dealing with the idiots coming here for holidays who end up drunk and fighting. I do not go out in the evening. We like to be home by 6 or 7 o’clock before the troublemakers come out. We see police cars going up and down all the time dealing with problems everywhere. These yobs are paying £2.20 a pint so they are sitting in the bar getting blitzed all day. Then they come out to cause trouble.”

Elaine Stevenson, 66, said crime also follows people home. She said when her daughter returned home once she found her son-in-law “fighting with a burglar”.

ingoldmells crime problem

The lack of police is not just affecting residents in Ingoldmells, it is also affecting the business community. One business owner who did not wish to be named said crime is on the increase. He blames the lack of police and all the holidaymakers who visit the area and stay in holiday parks.

“Ingoldmells was once a great place for families to come and enjoy a lovely holiday. Now, we are seeing more stag and hen parties. The shocking behaviour of some of the young holidaymakers is putting families off from coming to Ingoldmells for their holiday. My question is, why are the holiday parks welcoming stag and hen parties and where are the police?”

The seaside resort of Ingoldmells, despite its challenges, remains a popular tourist destination, with attractions such as Fantasy Island, Hardy’s Animal Farm, and The Odyssey drawing millions of visitors each year.

According to reports, Lincolnshire Police plan to reduce the number of Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in the area and replace them with full-time policemen. John Evans, 70, a member of Caravan Park Watch, questions the decision, emphasizing the need for a proactive approach to ensure the safety of the community.

He said: “I would like to know which apple tree they are going to pluck these officers.

The local visitor economy is worth between £438 million and £733million, contributing significantly to the region’s income. However, the perception of rising crime and antisocial behaviour in the village may deter tourists, ultimately impacting the local economy.

The residents of Ingoldmells have reached a breaking point. They demand immediate action to address the deteriorating security situation in their village. A robust and visible police presence, along with a comprehensive security strategy, is essential to restore peace and reassure both residents and visitors alike.

The safety and well-being of the community must take precedence, and the authorities must respond swiftly to this urgent call for action.

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