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Viewers Don’t Want Holly Willoughby To Return To This Morning

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With news that Holly Willoughby is to sign a new This Morning contract, not everyone is happy.


It has been reported that Holly Willoughby is set to sign a new contract with ITV’s This Morning which will include a big raise. However, some viewers are shocked and call on ITV to change their minds.

Holly Willoughby went on her summer break without the normal goodbye to the This Morning viewers. Some viewers thought this meant that Holly Willoughby was following Phillip Schofield out of the door while others said she disrespected the viewers by not saying goodbye.

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The 42-year-old presenter has not mentioned Phillip Schofield since he left the show, and many loyal fans of Schofield believe that Holly has betrayed him.

When Phillip Schofield came out in 2020 Holly Willoughby said on the This Morning Show, she has “never been more proud of my friend than I have today”. She later added that she would “always be by his side.” However, Holly Willoughby soon forgot those words when it was revealed that Phillip Schofield had a not-so-secret affair.

Many viewers believe that Holly Willoughby should have stuck by her friend who many believe helped to shape her career. But since Phillip left the show, the only mention she has made is her scripted and soulless statement regarding the Phillip Schofield scandal.

The deal is thought to increase her current £700,000 a year salary and will keep her on This Morning for the foreseeable future.

The This Morning Viewers have loved having Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond present the show and want the duo to continue. Many viewers believe that Alison and Dermott are the future and Holly is the past.

A poll we did in May of 1000 readers in London, Manchester, Grimsby, Boston, Skegness, Chester, Lincoln, and Liverpool found that 75% of our readers wanted Holly Willoughby to leave This Morning. But it seems that ITV is ignoring the viewer’s wishes and are seeing something in Holly that no one else sees.

When the Daily Star ran the story ‘Holly Willoughby ‘looking to future’ after leaving This Morning without goodbye’ viewers of This Morning hit back on the newspaper’s Facebook account.

Wendy Fuller responded and said, ‘Good I might start watching this morning now they’re gone’. Karen Burridge responded, ‘Yes we love Alison and dreamt fantastic couple let’s get some new presenters and move on can’t wait.’

The general feeling was it was good news that Holly Willoughby was leaving.

Drena Rushworth responded to the news that Holly was leaving and posted ‘Gone for good hopefully’, while Myra Davison posted ‘Luv Alison and Dermot much better can’t watch her’.

It seems the general view is the This Morning show needs to move forward without Holly Willoughby.

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