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Where Is Brassic Filmed in Manchester

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Brassic filmed in Manchester and staring Michelle Keegan was a surprise hit for Sky One. The British comedy-drama television series first aired on 22 August 2019 and instantly became a huge hit. It is set in the fictional town of Hawley and follows the lives of Vinnie and his friends.

The comedy show which was created by Joe Gilgun and Danny Brocklehurst and written by Daniel Brocklehurst and Alex Ganley was filmed in locations across the North West. Although it was filmed in Manchester, the comedy show was inspired by Joe Gilgun experiences of living in and growing up in Chorley.

Location manager Jonathan Davies stated, “We were given the scripts and a few of us had a meeting with Joe Gilgun to talk through the feel and look of the show. It is a complicated and collaborative process to build a world that fits with the story and script.”

So where is Brassic filmed? There are many locations that were used for the show including the Lancashire town of Bacup. Infact, before news was released that Sky One was making a new comedy drama, people were asking why Michelle Keegan was filming in Bacup.

Further filming locations of Brassic included Bolton. The pub scenes for Brassic were filmed in a pub called The Star and Garter which is near Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Let’s look at the popular Brassic filming locations


Vinnie’s shack

Filiming location of brassic shack in manchesterThe creator of Brassic Joe Gilgun also plays Vinnie lives in a makeshift shack in the woods. The shack was filmed in some woods above Bolton after the director of Brassic fell in love with the location.


Brassic Hawley town centre

brassic filming locations manchesterAlthough the comedy drama is based on Chorley, Brassic fictional town of Hawley is actually filmed in Bacup. It was decided to use Bacup as it had the same feel as Chorley.








Opening car chase in Brassic

where is brassic filmed in manchesterThe opening car chase in Brassic was an unforgettable moment. It actually took two days of filming and was filmed just into West Yorkshire.

The series begins with Vinnie and his mates in a car chase as they speed through country roads.






Brassic caravan site

brassic caravan site in ManchesterThe Brassic caravan site was constructed as a temporary caravan site. It was constructed close to Manchester City Etihad Stadium on a waste ground.


The local pub

michelle keegan brassicA lot of fans of the show want to know where the pub in Brassic is filmed in Manchester. The secret is the interior scenes of the local pub were filmed in a pub on Fairfield Street called The Star and Garter which is located next to Piccadilly Train Station.









Erin’s house in Brassic

sky one brassicMichelle Keegan was a clever choice to play Erin who is a single mum dating Vinnies best friend Dylan. The filming location of Brassic Erin house was filmed in Ashton-Under-Lyne towards Heartshead Pike.


Brassic surgery

brassic filming in manchesterThe filming location of Sky One Brassic surgery was a clever idea. The filming was not done in a real Manchester surgery but instead in a second-floor room at Frederick Road Campus Salford University.


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