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What Are The Best Chinese Restaurants In Manchester

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  • .The first Chinese Restaurant in Manchester opened in 1948
  • Manchester Chinatown was completed in 1987


Manchester’s best Chinese restaurants – where’s your favourite?


Manchester Chinese Restaurants are some of the best in the UK. We have Chinese restaurants in all corners of Manchester including Stockport, Hyde, and Chorlton.

If you are looking for Chinese food in Manchester then you really must visit restaurants in Chinatown Manchester, not just for the quality food, but for the experience.

The first Chinese restaurant opened in 1907 in London. Chinese restaurants in Manchester and London only started to take off after the second world war.

The first Manchester Chinese restaurant to open was in 1948. The Chinese restaurant was called Ping Hong, and it was situated on Oxford Street. By the 1970s, Chinese restaurants in Manchester continued to grow. As well as more restaurants opening, Chinese medicine shops and supermarkets began to open.

Manchester Chinatown lies in the very heart of the city and is credited for having some of the best Chinese restaurants in Manchester. It was finally completed in 1987. It contains not only Chinese restaurants but also Thai, Japanese, Nepali, Vietnamese, Singaporean, and Malaysian restaurants.

Chinatown In Manchester which also has shops, bakeries, supermarkets, the Chinese Arts Centre, and a casino is the second largest in the United Kingdom. Manchester Chinatown is known throughout the world and is the third-largest in Europe. It has such a great reputation for having some of the best restaurants in Manchester and the UK, and that it why it attracts national and international celebrities and Hollywood stars include Jackie Chan.

The best time to visit Manchester Chinatown is in February to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Although Manchester City Centre Chinatown is great at any time of the year, in February it does come alive. You have stalls, the famous parade, and dancing Dragons.

So, let’s have a look at the Best Chinese Restaurants and see why I love Manchester Chinese food and why Manchester attracts visitors from all over the world for the great food on offer.


Best Chinese Restaurants Manchester



1. Yang Sing, Princess Street

This Manchester Chinese restaurant is in a class of its own. A lot of people get confused with Little Yang Sing restaurant and Yang Sing Restaurant. They are both good restaurants, and are both run by members of the same family, but Yang Sing on Princess Street is the best Chinese restaurant in Manchester in our opinion.

A lot of our Manchester Magazine team can often be seen here, enjoying the great Chinese food and the fantastic drinks that are on offer.

If you fancy trying something different, then how about stir-fried jellyfish, or steamed ox tripe. Seriously, it is worth trying, you will really enjoy it.

Don’t worry if that is not your cup of tea, the Manchester Chinese restaurant has all your favourites on offer.

Drinks-wise, you have tea which is the speciality here. They have on offer Orange Pekoe, fermented Dark Pu’er and Shou Mei to name a few.

The bar of course serves your normal British and contenental beers, but how about trying some Asian beer.