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Louth Petrol Stations Issues £30 Limit

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  • £30 Limit on Petrol has been introduced to Louth Petrol Stations


For motorists looking at filling up their petrol tanks in Louth are in for some bad news. Petrol Stations in Louth have introduced a £30 limit

This is not just for Louth. Petrol stations across Lincolnshire and the UK owned by Tesco, Shell, and BP have introduced the £30 limit on petrol to stop people panic buying.

At the moment Morrisons, Tesco, Shell, and BP have announced the £30 limit, but other petrol stations could follow with the same rule.

The petrol stations in Louth and across the UK hope it will calm drivers down and stop them from filling up when they don’t need the petrol

It was hoped that Boris Johnson would bring in the army to deliver petrol to petrol stations, but this afternoon he has decided against it.

Lincolnshire Police are appealing to motorists to calm down and to stop panic buying, but it seems motorists are still ignoring their requests.

The shortage of petrol has led the business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to suspend competition law, allowing oil companies to forego the normal rules surrounding communication and help each other resupply the areas that need it most.

The £30 limit does not apply to emergency services.

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