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Universal Credit Cut To Cause Panic In Lincoln and Lincolnshire

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While Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have been partying and singing in Manchester, tens of thousands of people in Lincoln and Lincolnshire have seen their stress levels go through the roof with the worry of the Universal Credit Cut.

The Conservative Government who according to our readers don’t live in the real world have pulled the carpet under those that trusted and voted for them in the last election.

Boris Johnson made so many promises in the last General Election and failed to live up to most of them. People feel like they have been lied to and betrayed, and now with the Universal Credit Cut, for many it is the last straw.

The Universal Credit Cut which equals to £1,040 per year is going to cause serious hardship. It was bad enough before food prices went up, but now with energy bills increasing, and higher National Insurance Contributions to be brought in, those living in Lincolnshire have had enough.

We have been on the streets of Lincoln, Skegness, Boston, Grantham, and Scunthorpe to see how the Universal Credit Cut will affect those that claim it. Some of the stories I have been told have been very emotional, and others have been shocking and will live with me for many years to come.

I have been told by one parent that she will only eat every two days to make sure her children are fed properly, while another parent said they finish off what their children leave on their plates.

It is not just about putting food on the table, it is also about making sure children are clothed, and keeping children and themselves warm.

We have been told by some of those living in Lincoln and Scunthorpe that they choose between eating and heating, while a parent from Skegness said they have to wear extra layers of clothing so they can keep warm.

Some people have now ditched their cars and walk to work to try and save money, while others hand wash their clothes to reduce energy bills.

To help make ends meet and survive, some parents have been selling things from their home. Others have relied on pawn shops to see them through with many believing they will never be able to afford their items back.

It is not just now that people are worried about. Some believe it will be the worst Christmas they will ever have. Many of those that we have spoken to have said they will only buy one present for their children.

Boston universal credit cut

This is not a way to live, but it seems that Boris Johnson and all the rich Conservative MPs who don’t know how much a tin of beans is, are more than happy to let people live that way.

Charities have warned the Government that more people are going to be on the breadline with the Universal Credit Cuts, while other charities have warned it will affect tens of thousands of people mental health.

Debt Charities are expecting a flood of phone calls in the coming months with people going into debt because of the Universal Credit Cut, while food banks in Lincoln and Lincolnshire are expecting more people than ever to come to them for help.

When we visited Skegness, Lincoln, Boston, and Grantham, the general feeling was the Conservative Party had betrayed them. More than 85% of those that we spoke to said they would not be voting for the Conservatives in the next General Election. That means the colours of Lincolnshire could go from Blue to Red.

If there was a General Election tomorrow, then our feedback from those living in Lincolnshire is, for the first time in history there would be no Conservative MPs in Lincolnshire, which would bring joy to the Labour Party.

If the Conservative Party has any compassion, then they would put an end to the £20 cut and reinstate it.

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